Announcement of the first meeting of Java User Group Sevastopol

    Good afternoon!

    Now Sevastopol is actively developing as an IT center. We decided to support java-programmers and organize a java-community in Sevastopol, as a place for the exchange of experience and technical ideas, pleasant communication among our own and, of course, help the development of IT education in the region.

    JUG - Java User Group, meetings JUG.SEV - a discussion of various technologies from the Java world, the exchange of experience, as well as just interesting communication in Sevastopol! We plan to hold regular meetings of JUG.SEV with lectures by Java experts on the most interesting topics.
    Our site is , the VK community is ,

    We invite all java developers to the first meeting of JUG.SEV!


    The program of the meeting:

    1. Roman Elizarov from Devexperts with a report
    Millions of Quotes per second in pure Java. The
    report will focus on those solutions and approaches that, based on real experience, allow us to achieve a reasonable compromise between performance and complexity, which largely determines the choice Java platforms. A real comparison with classical data providers, which have a ten-year history of developing and supporting their software in low-level languages, shows that Java features are not an obstacle to creating high-performance data processing systems, but rather, they allow you to catch up and overtake competitors due to the availability of more tools. increasing productivity of programmers, and simplifying debugging and support.

    2. Andrei Lespuh from Naumen with a
    Scala report - simplifying complex
    Let's talk about the problems of recycling multi-core and multi-processor systems, which are serious challenges for software development. Almost all developers have encountered or are confronted with “races”, “deadlocks”, uncertainty in the execution order, and do not have simple means to solve these problems. The talk will cover the relevant core technologies Scala provides: parallel collections, actors, and parallel DSLs. There will be an opportunity to see whether it is possible to easily and simply program in a multi-threaded environment.

    3. You can make your report, apply!

    4. Lightning talks
    Lightning talks is a series of five-minute reports, you can apply for them at any time, even 5 minutes before the start. Presentation is optional, but desirable. The topic of the talk is limited only to Java, you can talk about, for example, a recently discovered framework or a problem that you recently solved.
    Lightning talks is a great way to try yourself as a speaker. Therefore, we are waiting for your application for a report on lightning talks.

    5. Afterparty - barbecue and Crimean wine.

    Participation is free, do not forget to register!

    We are waiting for you on November 15 at 12.00 in the Sloboda technological entrepreneurship center (49a Geroev Stalingrad av.)

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