At the London hackathon "Mastercard" won the application for organizing parties with friends

    On November 15-16, London hosted the next stage of the MasterCard Masters Of Code series of hackathons, which the payment system conducts worldwide. Hackathon participants create business applications using the Mastercard API.


    Hackathons organized by various brands have long been no news: now almost every large company seeks to meet developers / startups and invite them to their own marathon. But in the cases of Code Masters, the scope is impressive: the company has scheduled 14 events in 11 countries over the course of this year. To date, 13 of them have been successfully Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Israel and other countries. London was their penultimate stop before the grand finale in San Francisco. They bypassed Russia - nevertheless, Edison is interested in following their news, because in one of the company's projects it was already possible to encounter API MasterCard, which left the best impressions.

    The participants had one day to create a program using the MasterCard API and another secret API, which was disclosed just before the start of the competition: it turned out to be a travel planner from the London transport department TfL

    The competition itself included 24 hours for development with subsequent two-minute presentations of the results of the teams to the jury, according to the results of which the six finalists were selected. After which a second presentation was held, and the winning team received the title of London “Code Masters”.

    They became the team of employees of Keytree, a London-based IT consultant, who developed the All of Us iOS application, which takes care of organizing a joint evening with friends: from the road to paying the bill in the restaurant and seeing off to the house.

    In the photo, however, just not all of them - the two remaining team members were forced to leave immediately after the marathon

    As residents of London, we well know how to get to the city where we need to, so we rarely need to plan our movements, but we don’t know how busy roads are in certain directions. We have created an application that allows you to measure the state of traffic in the system in this way, our users can make the most convenient route from point A to point B
    - the winners of the London hackathon

    The team used the Mastercard API to plan a club night, as well as to divide the score between the participants in the revelry.
    The application is tied to the functionality of Facebook events: first you create an event there, and then through Facebook log in to All of Us and see the countdown to the nearest drinking party:


    Then you just need to fill in the details of the event, including the venue. And when the meeting time approaches, the application will remind you of it and tell you the best route:


    The most interesting thing starts already on the spot: the application allows you to keep track of what you have eaten and drunk, and a special portal has been created for the institution itself, through which they can receive payment from the whole company in a couple clicks.



    When the evening is over, guests can determine how much each of them will pay:


    Thus, splitting up a noisy company account becomes easier than ever. No cash, change or confusion with accounts (which of those who read this article participated in meetings , may remember that institutions will never bring a separate account to a company of more than 10 people). Now - no confusion.

    Well, at the end, the application will inform all the party participants when their friends get home safely.

    Within 24 hours, the All of Us team created an iOS application, a portal for restaurateurs, a web map of friends' location in the London transport system, a fully prepared backend with integrated Google Places, Facebook, TfL, MasterCard Simplify commerce and MasterCard Sending Money APIs.
    You can read more about how this works with all screenshots on the website of proud employers of the All of Us team:

    Presenting their work, the team beat the famous MasterCard slogan:

    A glass of martini before going out? 30 pounds. Sushi in a newfangled restaurant? 50 pounds. Do not argue about how much should pay the bill - priceless!

    Mario Shiliashki, senior vice president of the open API Mastercard, as well as chief developer and evangelist Sebastian Tavo, go to all the hackathons of the Masters of Code series.

    According to Shiliashka , this is the first large independent series of hackathons arranged by the Mastercard. Tavo adds that this is an international competition because: “We are trying to understand what the next generation of business applications will be like. And this new generation can be born anywhere in the world. ”

    At the end of the year, the winner will be the winner of the entire series of hackathons, who will receive $ 100,000 and entrance to the accelerator for beginners Start Path, organized by Mastercard. Prizes will receive and silver medalists.

    With the completion of the hackathon in London, all regional events of the “Code Masters” series ended, and now it is up to the final chord of the entire series. The winning teams from each country will fly to San Francisco, get acquainted with the local infrastructure and attractions, and take part in the Grand Final in December, which we will talk about separately if you are interested.

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