An alternate outcome for building a strong AI

(Omniscient one)

Probably, there is not a single person on Habr who at least once has not thought about the possible approximation of technical singularity and the creation of strong artificial intelligence, which will become the very boundary of utopian reality. Many books have been written, many thoughts have been expressed and even more misunderstood. Each of you, or at least the majority, is either deeply confident in the altruistic intentions of AI, or believes that the creation of the same machine, program, agent, positron brain, etc. it will become a point of no return, after which, for various reasons, the impossibility of creation to realize the whole value of humanity, and life in general, will lead to the extermination of ourselves and everything that can at least somehow interfere with the intellect. But what if there is an alternative?

What if artificial intelligence does not become our death, but it does not become a new beginning either? What if a desire to help make it impossible to neglect the deeply programmed three laws? We will find ourselves in a large prison, from which literally even death will not help to get out. Think about how many diseases we can cure today, how many deaths or even commonplace injuries we can avoid by using information and skillfully manipulating it. Now think about what a creature can do with this information that is many times superior to not just any life form in the explored Universe, but any possible symbiosis of any life form. Keep in mind that our AI only has “one on mind”, it’s good for Humans to do it. Most likely, if such a machine gets out of hand at least a little, then we all will turn out to be immortal beings, whose desires will be unquestioningly fulfilled before we can find out that we really wanted something. It will no longer make sense to work, look for answers to questions, whether it be philosophical reflections or physical observations - they will do everything for you, or rather have already done it. There will be no more reason to live.

Do you want to become more beautiful, smarter, stronger, want to literally turn into an animal? - Ask the AI. Surely, by the first week of his existence, he had already curbed nano technology and, for the nth time, reviewed the biological structure of each organism, eliminated all the "bugs", drew new plans, and was just waiting for your permission. He has long completed a car that “cradles itself back and forth, squeezing out sausages of solidifying mass” (citing an article by DenisVitman'a), or a 3D printer, as we used to call it. At this stage, nothing prevents you from asking him about a personal planet, with any relief, flora, fauna, space view. You can even create conditions that other people must fulfill in order to visit you. In addition, he had already managed to invent a bunch of technologies that our brain simply could not physically imagine. Speaking of physics, let’s dabble a little. Surely you have heard of Warp Drives that, according to the theory (including Relativity), can travel at speeds higher than the speed of light.

(Warp drive)

If this engine can be built, then it will be built. What do you think, how much less effort will be spent on using this engine as a full-fledged teleportator? At this point, the “brain” of our AI is probably larger than our entire solar system, or maybe a whole star cluster, and it is probably somewhere in the Great Void.

(Great Void)

Although, why should such an intelligent creature use brute force methods? As in Isaac Asimov’s “Last Question,” he could have figured out how to store his brain in the open spaces between space and time.

Forever young, all-knowing, uninterested in anything and most importantly unable to die, neither tomorrow, nor after 1000 years, nor through any other time. We can, of course, assume that someday the Universe will either cool down, or shrink back to its origins and want-whether you want, but our suffering will end. But can we be sure that for our creation it will be impossible to wrap entropy?

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