Let's change unnecessary books

    Good day to all! I just had the thought that I just had warehouses for books. And from them that I use - units. And the rest just take up space. And I do not mind exchanging with someone my “capital” for something interesting. And for now, maybe I don’t even know what. I propose to arrange a barter:
    • All in the comments unsubscribe which books they are ready to give and the city of residence.
    • Further, everything in a personal mail (so as not to multiply the noise of comments) is written off with the authors of the interested posts for exchange for something from your list
    • You make an appointment in your personal mail and change
    • PROFIT !!

    Indeed, now books on IT sometimes cost a lot of money (I think that the cost for 1000 is arrogance ... But ... what can I do). And the exchange is no longer needed for a good and interesting book would be just the way for one of us. In the comments, and I write to the account of my collection.

    PS: It is advisable to give a link to an Internet resource with a description of the book so that you can immediately see the cover. Not all books are remembered by their authors and title.
    PPS: If the barter took place, I propose to unsubscribe about this.

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