What's new in YouTrack 2018.3


    Yesterday YouTrack 2018.3 was released, and in this article we will talk about what's new in the new version.

    Table of contents

    Updated design

    We continue to work on improving the YouTrack interface. Some time ago we announced an updated task creation and editing page as part of the experimental functionality. Thanks to the feedback from users, we managed to make useful changes to these pages before turning them on by default. Now new pages for creating and viewing tasks are included for all users.

    To update the interface, we use components from the latest version of Ring UI - the open-source JetBrains library for web products. Now YouTrack interface has become more modern and convenient!

    Project Review Pages

    YouTrack has a page where the administrator can add important information about the project: its description, purpose, mission, and widgets to monitor the main changes in the project. From there you can also go directly to the project settings to make changes.
    If the project is public, then external users will be able to read about the project right on this page.

    Group logos on user avatars

    If the group to which the user belongs, has a logo, then now it will be displayed next to the avatar of this user. These changes can be seen in the drop-down list for assigning users, using commands, with @ mentions, adding observers, and so on.

    Ability to invoke workflows when deleting a task

    The new runOn property for on-change rules allows you to call a specific workflow when updating, deleting a task or in both cases. So you can create rules that prevent the accidental deletion of important tasks.

    Custom text field

    A new custom “text” type field has been added to YouTrack, in which data can be added as text in Markdown format. This field is displayed on the task page below its main description.

    This type of field is convenient to use with custom fields that are set under different conditions. For example, you can create a field “steps to reproduce an error”, which will appear only when choosing a task of the type Bug.

    Ability to embed content from Google Apps

    Now you can insert content from Google Apps into the task description or comments: documents, spreadsheets, polls, and so on. The visibility of the content in the task depends on the privacy settings of the document itself (it should be published on the web). Please note that if the task is public, then the content will be visible to everyone.

    YouTrack Mobile Push Notifications for YouTrack InCloud

    If you are using the cloud version of YouTrack, you can now enable push notifications on the phone for YouTrack Mobile.

    Two-factor authentication

    It also became possible to enable two-factor authentication directly in my profile. Additionally, you can confirm your account using the data verification application (for example, Google Authenticator).

    Ability to request a password change for all users

    We are constantly working on functionality that increases the security of services. Now, with a single click, the server administrator can request all users to change their password.

    Other improvements

    New view design for related tasks

    Now linked tasks are presented in the form of a list in which you can subscribe to tasks, vote for them and see the number of votes and comments in each of the related tasks.

    The ability to set your order for selected dashboards

    In YouTrack 2018.3, you can change and save order in the list of selected dashboards.

    Related tasks

    The list of tasks similar to the current one, you could see through the tabs before. We moved this option to the toolbar, in addition, it can be called up with the keyboard shortcut ^ Shift S.

    And also:

    • We have published the documentation for the new version of the REST API.
    • Updated user access control interface.
    • Added the ability to specify an incomplete number of hours in the workday, for example, 7 hours and 30 minutes.
    • Added a new setting for authentication modules, which allows you to set the maximum validity of access tokens.
    • Added Jenkins integration.

    The release of YouTrack 2018.3 includes not only new changes, we also stopped supporting some functionality.

    1. We have completely disabled the old view of the pages for creating and editing tasks. We hope you enjoy the new design!

    2. Some time ago we announced in our blog that starting from 2018.3, new workflows should be written in JavaScript. Workflows that are written in a separate workflow editor at MPS will continue to work until YouTrack 2019.1. Therefore, if you use workflows that are written in MPS, we recommend rewriting them in JavaScript. For more information, please read the documentation .

    3. As it was written above, we published the
    documentation.for the new version of the REST API. Once the new version covers all the resources and methods, the previous version of the API will be considered obsolete. If you have configured integration via REST API, please read the new version.

    View the full list of tasks that are included in the release, please
    click here .

    Try YouTrack 2018.3 and tell us how you like the new version! You can download a free version for 10 users or register in the cloud to use the trial version for 30 days.

    If you are already using cloud YouTrack, then your server will be transferred to the new version on a schedule .

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