VR helmet programming

    A developer named Brian Peiris created a conceptual application for writing code inside virtual reality in the Oculus Rift helmet. The highlight is that as the JavaScript code in Three.js changes, so does the world around you. Programmed a cube - and it appeared above his head (video under the cut).

    Three.js library is used to create and display animated graphics.

    Of course, this is an exclusively conceptual project. To use this programming method, you need to: 1) have an Oculus Rift helmet (DK2); 2) program in JavaScript; 3) know Three.js; 4) be able to print blindly. But if all the factors are fulfilled, then you will get an unforgettable experience, the author of the program guarantees.

    To work, you should download the Firefox build with support for the WebVR API (for Windows or OS X) and visit this page .

    RiftSketch Program Code

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