Overview of the most interesting materials on data analysis and machine learning No. 16 (September 29 - October 5, 2014)

    I present to you the next issue of a review of the most interesting materials on the topic of data analysis and machine learning.


    Theory and algorithms of machine learning, code examples

    Machine Learning Competitions

    Online courses, training materials and literature


    • EN Video lectures For newbies R Martin Maechler on practicing good R code
      Martin Maechler (a member of the R-Core team) made an interesting presentation at the useR conference! 2014. In this video, he will talk about the practice of good code both in the programming language R, and in general about the best techniques and practices in programming.
    • RU Video lectures Data engineering Materials from the meeting “PostgreSQL 9.4 news and something else”
      Not so long ago, an interesting meeting took place in the office of Yandex and was dedicated to the PostgreSQL DBMS. And then there were videos from this meeting.
    • EN Video lectures Theory Nando de Freitas on decision trees
      An excellent lecture from Professor Nando de Freitas from The University of British Columbia on decision trees.
    • EN Video lectures Theory Jürgen Schmidhuber about Deep Learning
      An interesting video in which Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber of IDSIA (International Computer Science Institute) talks about the history of Deep Learning and the renewed interest in this machine learning method at present.

    Data engineering

    • EN Using Pinot for real-time analytics
      An interesting article on LinkedIn's blog about the architecture of their real-time analytics solutions using a proprietary product called Pinot.
    • EN NoSQL storage performance test results A fresh and
      interesting comparison of the performance of various NoSQL storage (Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchBase) under various load profiles.
    • EN Scalable Decision Trees in Apache Spark
      Continuing discussions on the new version of Apache Spark 1.1, in this case we will talk about decision trees and the possibilities of their scaling in the machine learning library MLlib.
    • EN ForestDB Beta
      Announcement Announcement of the new open-source ForestDB key-value store from the creators of CouchBase.
    • EN What is Apache Storm
      An article that briefly describes Apache Strorm.


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