The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 73 (September 29-October 5)

    Perhaps the main event of this week was the presentation of Windows 10 - the new "universal" operating system Microsoft, whose Technical Preview can already be tried. In addition to it, there is the story of the Lumia SensorCore SDK, FbStart from Facebook, the ecosystem for developers from Rostelecom and the absolutely best material of the week - 20 ways to scam when buying an iPhone.

    Microsoft introduced Windows 10

    Windows 10 will be installed on a wider range of devices than previous versions of OC. These devices include not only personal computers, laptops, tablets, but also smartphones, televisions, various boards and industrial devices used for Internet of Things scenarios.

    Does Google continue to corrode unwanted Android developers?

    On Habré there were already articles devoted to various repressions from Google in relation to developers. However, it seems that the good corporation has acquired new methods of dealing with developers who are objectionable to it.

    The application economy is not bad, it is growing

    Recent data show that people's interest in mobile applications is weakening. But what really happens?



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization



    Worst of the Wicked

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