Video reports from the DevConf 2014 conference

    This summer, a conference of professional web developers DevConf 2014 was held in Moscow . We at Badoo supported the conference, made presentations, and made video reports that were interesting to our developers. Since the speakers were in favor, we share the video with our subscribers.

    1. "StatsCollector, or" Mom! He counted me! ”
    Starynin Valery, PHP Developer, BI Department, Badoo.
    A report on how we collect statistics for each user, count each page opening (and not only!), Process 120,000 events per second and plan to expand.

    2. "We write a functional, reliable and fast web application on Go."
    Dmitry dvyukov Vyukov, developer, Google.

    Description and presentation

    3. "PHPNG - a new engine for old PHP."
    Dmitry Stogov, Lead Engineer at Zend Technologies, one of the leading contributors to, the leader of the phpng project.

    Description and presentation

    4. "Codeception - testing with a human face."
    Mikhail Bodnarchuk is the author of Codeception, a web developer from Kiev.

    Description of the report and slides to the report .

    5. “Pinboard + pinba. How to organize monitoring of hundreds of projects. "
    Ilyas muxx Salikhov, CTO in Intaro.

    This report was of particular interest to us, since Pinba is an internal development of Badoo posted in opensource. Pinba is a service for collecting and processing statistics from production, which is used to monitor the situation in real time.

    Description of the report.
    Slides of the report.

    6. "Go: Runet analytics in real time."
    Andreyenko Artyom miolini , engineer, Openstat (Spylog) company.

    Experience in using Go, RabbitMQ and Cassandra in real-time Runet web analytics tasks.

    7. "PHPCI: Continuous Integration System for PHP Projects."
    Dmitry corpsee Chomutov, Corpsee.

    Report Description

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