HackDay # 32: from an idea to a prototype in 48 hours in Penza!


    All developers know what a hackathon is. This is when you sit for two days and enthusiastically cod with breaks for snacks and negotiations with colleagues. The main task is to make what works and be interesting. Cross-platform to hell, add. Features there - the main thing is that it works! This lesson is not easy and is intended for stubborn people who want to experiment and gain experience through “I can’t” next to the same strange people.

    September 26-28, together with SECON and CCR we will hold HackDay # 32 in Penza. We are waiting for programmers, designers, marketers, managers, interface designers, PR-students, students, and all those who have the idea of ​​an IT project.

    Only 48 hours to search for a new one in the brainstorm mode and an understandable result at the demofest. There are no limitations except one: no code before the start of the event. You can do anything: robots, brain-operated virtual reality, an elevator control algorithm, adventure on the ZX Spectrum, geo-location photo sharing with a social service or overtime work for the main job.

    During work, you can consult with experts from ABBYY, TimePad.ru, Aviasales, IIDF, Kazan IT Park, CodeInside and other companies. All experts are here . And on Saturday, each participant will be able to join the educational program .

    The event is free for all participants, however you will have to write a motivation letter and tell you why you should become a participant, because limited number of seats.

    It will be possible to work 48 hours without stopping. We will provide a working space and good nutrition: breakfast, lunch and dinner. For city guests, of course, an excursion.

    HackDay - no competition


    The goal is to try to do what you have long wanted to do, but there was not enough time for this.

    We have nominations and we will mark the best projects in these nominations with prizes. About the nominations here . The winners will travel with us to the final HackDay of 2014 in Naberezhnye Chelny. All participants who survived to demofest will receive “I survived on HackDay” T-shirts, which are issued only to those who really survived on HackDay.

    Registration and details here . We start on September 26 at 18:30.

    PS: as it was on our Science HackDay - 48 hours in 2.5 minutes.

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