The smartest marketers in the world. Learning from Amazon (continued)

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We continue to study the experience of the giant e-commerce store Amazon . And, as promised, we publish the continuation.

6 Sales-boosting letter


In 2013, Americans spent $ 55 billion on pet food. Naturally, thanks to my shopping history, Amazon identifies me as someone who has a pet and expects me to spend money on my dog.
I love this letter because it is completely sincere. In essence, it tells me: “You know that you need things for your dog, and you can save on this, among other things.”

We cannot be in survival mode. We must be in growth mode

Jeff Bezos

Clearly visible, bright button leaves no doubt about what to do next. Behind this button is a sea of ​​pet products. Everything from food and carrying containers to leashes and toys. This is the case when the recipient does not need a lot of time to read the letter. The whole point of the button, the message is needed only to focus on it.

7 Letter on the occasion of the sale (Black Friday)


Most of the letters that we looked at were either business or very personal. This message is different because:

1) Almost everyone involved in e-commerce sends a letter on the occasion of a sale.
2) Amazon, most likely, will send the same letter to each client.

Interestingly, this template contains a minimum of information. It does not even use full sentences. All you need to know:
• A sale is coming!
• We have special promotions!
• Take a look at them here!

The only distraction is the Amazon premium subscription ad, which contains some information. If during the holidays you intend to purchase online, you need gifts to arrive on time. The premium subscription guarantees that it will be so, so it’s pretty logical to set up a call to action here so that customers learn as much as possible about it.

Keep a clear understanding of the obvious at all times.

Jeff Bezos

For fun, I clicked on this letter. After that, I began to see various kinds of advertisements in my news feed on Facebook. Black Friday is an important event for which consumers spent $ 59 billion last year. Amazon goes all-in!

8 Letter of feedback


What do you look at first when you are considering buying a product on Amazon? Of course, these are reviews.
Social proof is not a new concept, but Amazon is the first company to prioritize and evaluate it. Each time someone makes a purchase, the site asks the customer to leave a review. The latter, in turn, helps other customers make smart purchases. All this improves customer service.
Note that Amazon is very specific about what kind of feedback it needs. “How much did this size fit you?”

A simple click on the desired review automatically adds information to the product page: The


user is redirected to the page where he can leave his review or put a rating on a five-star scale. Amazon, thanks to the help of people to each other, was able to evaluate this process and get profit as an intermediary (by the way, we have already translated an article on how reviews influence conversion).

A fun addition to all this is the fun reviews some people leave. Amazon actually tracks them and posts the funniest.


This is a win-win option.

9 Email with browsing history


Of course, there are downsides to all this information. For example, when you indulge in a temptation and look to dress up your dog for Halloween, you will soon be reminded of this in a letter.

I never thought anyone would ask me: “Are you looking for something specific in our animal costume department?”

Did you know that you can dress your dog with pumpkin, peacock or killer whale? This email is simply an awesome entertainment experience, but, among other things, it is based on collected data. I really picked up a costume for my dog ​​for Halloween. As evidence that I am most likely interested in the things presented here, they took the number of my searches for this topic. The offer came at the right time - I expressed a certain interest in the product, but have not yet had time to complete its purchase.

If you do not want to be criticized, for heaven’s sake, do nothing new.

Jeff Bezos

Note that Amazon avoids the use of templates such as Buy Now and Add to Cart. Buttons on the site in no way exert pressure on the buyer. The main idea is to help people take the next step, and not make a deal at the same time by email.


Of course, Amazon sends a lot more letters than those 9 pieces that we reviewed here. It is hoped that this review will give you an idea of ​​the approach to the work of this company. Using the information that you already have, you can significantly increase sales, the degree of interaction, the number of page views or any other indicator.

Success and high conversion!

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