Skype Global Interface Update for Windows Desktop

    Microsoft is preparing to release an update with a new UI. The updated interface combines classic elements and modern ModernUI-design. The list of updates has not yet been published, but the "progress" on the face.

    In general, it is noticeable:
    1) A decrease in the useful area on the left panel due to the huge block with 2 buttons.
    2) Improved layout of the text, it became easier to distinguish who specifically wrote in the chat.
    3) Improved message editing, now the edited message is highlighted.
    4) It is impossible to rename the chat locally, the header of everyone changes.
    5) Images are automatically uploaded and displayed in the chat.

    You can download and install Skype, which is not yet available as a mandatory update, by the link .

    You can disable auto-update in the Tools -> Settings-> Advanced -> "Automatic Update" menu, but this will save you from updating only for a while .

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