Some Google employees secretly live in the office

    Google office sleep booth

    Jobs at Google are so exciting to individual developers that they don’t want to leave the office at all. And why do it when everything is there: food, gym, shower, laundry? There is not enough sleeping place to spend the night. But this does not stop the most extreme life hackers.

    The Quora site is census of "googlers" who live in or near Google’s headquarters. Employees share experiences and helpful tips. For example, in which rooms of a large headquarters you can spend the night, where on the adjacent campus you can pitch a tent, in which model of car it is most convenient to lay out a berth.

    One of the designers, Brandon Oxedine, admitted that he spent three months at a Volvo station wagon in the parking lot of the Building 1900 office building. He wondered if there were any rules prohibiting this.

    Brandon laid out an IKEA mattress in the cabin and hung the windows with black curtains (with 90% tinted glass).

    Judging by the discussion in the thread, Brandon is not the only one who uses tricks to live in and around the office. They say that one guy lived like this for 2-3 years. In the morning he went to the shower near the gym, then to the workplace, where he stayed until late. After a couple of years, he saved up enough money to buy a house without a mortgage.

    Another company employee, interface designer Ben Discoe, secretly lived on campus for 13 months. “I had to pay for the house and child support. There was no money left to rent a house at California rates. "I bought a 1990 GMC Vandura van for $ 1800, and that was, figuratively speaking, my only 13 month rental."

    Ben Disco also used IKEA mattresses and densely hung curtains for a comfortable sleep. Once a guard came up to him, found out that the person was a Google employee, and no longer approached.

    It seems like you can really live in the Google office. By the way, 675 cooks and kitchen workers are preparing free food here.. Employees eat more than 40,000 servings per day, the company spends a million dollars a month on chicken alone. In general, it takes about $ 20 a day to provide meals for one employee .

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