Moody or Not - What is your mood today?

    imageMoody or Not will allow you to monitor your mood for a long time, update it and on this basis form the basis of a global mood.

    The mood is divided into four different indicators: “Very bad”, “Not normal”, “I would say good” and “Very good”. A mood emoticon is available on the site and is used to depict the aforementioned world statistics.

    The site is also complemented by observations and fun facts regarding mood. For example: studies have shown that Monday is the worst day for a good mood. This is to be expected;) In addition, Friday is considered one of the best days in terms of performance.


    Interestingly, the percentage of mood rarely drops below 60%. This means that good and bad mood continue to level themselves, taking into account that 60% prefer to choose the status “I would say good”.

    Registration is not required on the site. You can tell the world about your mood without it. But at the same time, you can do this no more than once every 60 minutes.

    You can also install a widget from Moody or Not on your website. It looks like this:



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