The first WiMAX 2 tests showed 330 Mbps

    Although LTE networks in most countries have not even been launched yet, the development of the next generation wireless standard: WiMAX 2 ( 802.16m ) is already in full swing .

    It has not yet been officially approved, but this does not prevent manufacturers from developing prototypes of wireless modems. At CEATEC IT, which is taking place in Japan this week, Samsung held its first public demonstration of WiMAX 2, during which a data transfer speed of 330 Mbps was recorded .

    During the demonstration, 3D HD video was broadcast live wirelessly.

    The WiMAX 2 standard should replace the current WiMAX (802.16e) and become a worthy competitor to LTE. He is supported by an alliance of computer companies, including Intel, Motorola and Samsung. The IEEE Institute is due to approve 802.16m in November 2010, and to conduct device certification during 2011. Thus, the commercial operation of WiMAX 2 will be possible from around 2012.

    The advent of faster wireless standards is quite in demand by the market. According to Cisco analysts, mobile Internet traffic in the world will double annually and by 2013 will grow to 2.2 million terabytes per month. Basically, due to an increase in the share of video in mobile traffic from 39% in 2008 to 64%. In five years, video traffic for mobile devices will grow by more than 100 times.

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