jCRM is our cooler

    Hello, Habr!
    We want to introduce our CRM system to the general public .

    CRM - customer relationship management system

    Yes, we are aware of how many CRM systems are currently on the market. Yes, we are sure that ours is better.
    We developed jCRM taking into account the opinions and wishes of real people working in real enterprises. Among them were foreign companies operating both in the domestic and international markets (which is why CRM has a Russian and English interface). All of them influenced the functionality of CRM, and set broader tasks.
    We do not have a theoretical idea or a crude prototype, we have a fully working system, which was originally developed for the needs of specific enterprises.

    Here is a list of those we have already pleased:

    • “Asyn-Kazakhstan” LLC - Buy and sell oil and gas complex
      (order picker);
    • OJSC Pervomaiskkhimmash - Manufacturer of equipment for the
      oil and gas industry;
    • YUST LLC - Equipment in the field of oilfield equipment;
    • Intrans-K LLC -
      Equipment in the field of oilfield equipment;
    • Asyn-Atyrau LLC - Cable products and
      electrical equipment.

    The first arose the need for a system at Asyn-Atyrau LLC, mainly the primary functionality was developed for it. The system was born on the platform 1s v7.7, grew, expanded, learned to be an adult and has now become completely confident and independent.

    What is so good in our system?

    • Management of not only sales, but also purchases, work in
      resale mode ;
    • Organization of accountable interaction with the client (buyer,
    • Full documentary support of the transaction. The list of documents
      generated by CRM is sufficient for independent work of the
      reseller (purchase and sale). The composition of these documents will surprise and
      pleasantly please your foreign partners.
    • Bilingual interface;
    • Program control over the work of the department;
    • Work in a distributed mode between the offices of one or
      more enterprises;
    • Structured archiving of internal and external documents;
    • Additional security system;
    • Support communication with the developers of the program;

    We continue to develop jCRM, constantly adding new features. We carefully select ideas for expanding the system, guided by the opinions of specialists from those enterprises that already have our system.
    For example, in the conditions of such a selection, we added a module that turns our CRM into a procurement system that works with estimates - a solution for construction companies.

    At the moment, we present two editions of the system, slightly different in functionality.

    CRM Kommersant

    CRM merchant has the widest functionality and provides a full cycle of work of an independent commercial enterprise in the field of resales.

    CRM Manufacturer

    CRM manufacturer is a niche product that is aimed at ensuring the functioning of the sales department of an industrial enterprise.

    Our system has a trial version, which can be freely downloaded on the site. There are no time limits in its use, functionality is not limited, but we slightly reduced the possible data storage volumes, otherwise, whatever the trial version would be.
    Not a single functional, as they say. By purchasing our system, you get it for unlimited time use. Unlike many competitors, we sell our system without reference to the number of employees.

    We are developing, each of us is not the one that was a minute ago. With every turn, albeit a little, but move forward. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

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