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    Many of the webmasters, for sure, use the services of Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. I would like to talk about a service that does not cancel the giants of statistics, but it can be a good and exciting addition.


    The service has a trial period (a credit card is required for activation), using which we got involved and decided to stay on a paid service.

    So what gives this service?

    The main feature is that you can watch in real time what is happening on your site. In particular, the following information is available:
    • The number of users on each page
    • Real Time Attendance Statistics
    • What sites and countries did current users come from
    • How much time are on the site and what they are doing at the moment (they read, write, the page is simply open)
    • Site performance at the moment, page loading time
    • Keep track of your project mentions elsewhere

    This allows you to quickly respond to what is happening on the server, improve the content of popular pages and enhance the positive effect or notice in time what is happening with the server and correct the situation.

    What else is interesting?

    • For almost every parameter (the page of your site or the site from which the user clicked, etc.), you can enable filtering and monitor these parameters exactly. See the history of visiting this page.
    • There is a record of everything that has happened over the past day, which can be viewed in real time.
    • Notifications about the occurrence of important events are sent: maximum attendance for the period, site inaccessibility, etc.
    • Sharing of the monitoring screen with certain parameters, which will be available to other users by the link with the key, without authorization.

    Better to see once!

    Therefore, below is a link to a real project, where you can observe what is happening on the site and understand the applicability of the service on your site:

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