What did people replace VCRs with?

    For a long time this question torments me. Indeed, in fact, from the time of the widespread distribution of VHS and its subsequent demise, there has not yet appeared a universal and popular way to record a program from a TV. In the USA, all this time all sorts of TiVo and stb dvr were popular all the time, but we didn’t have them. I have never seen a sane device that would replace the good old "video recorder". So that you can set a timer, or during transfer, press record. DVDs in the living room (and then blu ray) were distributed mainly as players only.

    Some extremals, of course, acquired satellite receivers with a hard disk (or flash memory?), And now cable operators probably have such “consoles”. Internet video, streaming or in the form of recorded programs, of course, answers all the questions, but what do ordinary people do when, for example, their children are shown on television or a telebrigade comes to the head of the family to interview a plant? Somehow, not so long ago, I was asked to make a transfer capture from tv to a computer, and it was that quest. Some plugins, codecs, and all in real time. Horror. Even the sophisticated VCR recording programming interfaces are just a child's play. I won’t believe that people no longer need to record something from the TV, but I won’t know how they do it.

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