Special forces detained a player in Counter-Strike during the broadcast of the game

    Popular in the United States streamer Jordan Mathewson (Jordan Mathewson), also known as Kootra, was detained by police special forces during a live broadcast of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the process of its detention was recorded by a computer camera. Viewers of this stream watched what was happening on the air and saw how a weapon was pointed at Matthewson, after which he was knocked to the floor and interrogated for 20 minutes.

    Denver KMGH-TV reported that Littleton police had been falsely called on 911.

    In July, a similar story happened with streamer Jordan Gilbert .

    Similar stories often happen. Not so long ago, the plane had to make an emergency landing due to a message on Twitter about the bomb on board.

    This also includes the story of a guy named Justin Carter , who is tried for a joke in the game (the court, by the way, has still not ended, was postponed to October).

    An interesting article on this topic can be read at polygon.com .

    In the United States, a rather severe situation in this regard. General insanity on the basis of terrorist threats, etc.
    How do you feel about such episodes?

    ps All Friday.

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