The deadline for accepting applications for the Stepic Challenge has been extended until September 20

    August 25 was the last day of accepting applications for the Stepic Challenge open online courses project competition . Since the competition in terms of timing unsuccessfully coincided with the period of summer vacations, in recent days we have received many requests from teachers and universities to slightly postpone the deadline. We decided to extend the acceptance of applications until September 20 inclusive, but for now we can summarize the preliminary results.


    The competition received 94 applications, of which 66 in Russian, 28 in English. Most applications, about 70%, came from university teachers, about 20% from school teachers, and another 10% from students and independent authors. It is nice that there are applications from different regions and cities of Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Voronezh, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Yekaterinburg and others.

    The list of topics for the courses submitted for the competition today looks like this.

    In English:

    1. AI Design For Video Games
    2. Achieve IELTS Higher
    3. Analytical reading
    4. Building and Solving of Mathematical Programming Models
    5. Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management
    6. Course for Preparation for the Mathematics Exam
    7. Data Analysis in R For Beginners
    8. English adjective
    9. English For Engineers
    10. Enjoy Your English
    11. Experiencing Life With Kids: Interactive Strategies For Engaging With Art, Nature, Place and Books
    12. Fundamentals of physics
    13. Games For Teaching Foreign Languages
    14. Global teenMBA
    15. Interesting math
    16. Intonational Contours of Communicative Types of Sentences
    17. Introduction to C # and .NET
    18. Introduction to Chess
    19. Lean six sigma
    20. Mathematics New approaches
    21. Microbiology introduction
    22. Nanotechnology world
    23. Practical Steps to Learner Autonomy
    24. Practical Bioinformatics for Biologists
    25. Self-development
    26. Teaching Writing Skills With The EuroScientist E-zine
    27. Tips For Public Speaking
    28. First year physics

    In Russian:

    1. Fundamentals of self-organization for students
    2. History of Russia: the main laws of the country's development
    3. The world of nanotechnology
    4. USE: Russian language and literature is easy and simple
    5. Preparation course for the exam in mathematics
    6. New Generation of Mobile HTML5 Application Development Tools at School
    7. General psychology
    8. Chemistry. Vitally.
    9. Physics: preparing for the exam
    10. Brands and secrets of their creation
    11. Theory and methods of education
    12. Intellectual Property Law Basics
    13. Fundamentals of Business and Management
    14. The basics of geology
    15. Nutrition Basics
    16. Fundamentals of modern telecommunication technologies
    17. Physics ordinary and extraordinary
    18. Theory of Political Being
    19. Fundamentals of Algorithmization and Programming
    20. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. Linear electrical circuits
    21. Basic course of preparation for the GIA
    22. Russian history
    23. History of skiing
    24. The solution of genetic problems to the exam
    25. Chess Introduction
    26. Introduction to ordinary differential equations
    27. Introduction to Microbiology
    28. Tourism manager. Organization of tourism business
    29. Geography
    30. Equations and Inequalities
    31. Soviet culture of the second half of the XX century
    32. Paradigms, techniques, distance learning tools: from behaviorism and constructivism to connectivism and more ...
    33. Preparation for the exam in social studies (section "Economics")
    34. Liberalism and conservatism in the government policy of Russia (1861-1914)
    35. Formal logic
    36. Chemical alphabet
    37. English Times
    38. Stress psychology
    39. Psychology of aggression
    40. Visual culture and literature
    41. Discrete structures
    42. Photo Workshop
    43. Human Resource Management in a Quality Management System
    44. Virology
    45. Organization of educational activities in blended learning
    46. Electronic resources of a foreign language teacher
    47. Modern computer graphics and interactive technologies
    48. Self development
    49. Data Journalism: The First Steps
    50. Practical rhetoric
    51. Comprehensible Pedagogy
    52. Literary stylization as a means of forming students' information and communication competencies
    53. Electricity and Magnetism
    54. Interactive services in the lessons of the humanitarian cycle
    55. Distance Learning in Russia
    56. Entertaining math
    57. Visualize information: infographics and multimedia content
    58. Social Studies
    59. Social Studies on a Personal Mobile Educational Device
    60. Geographic Information Systems
    61. Social Studies. Preparation for the exam
    62. State anti-corruption policy
    63. IOS Programming
    64. Robot programming with ROS
    65. Career Guidance Course “Make your choice”
    66. “Electricity and Magnetism” in the scope of a technical university program

    Write in the comments on which of the listed topics you would like to take the online course.

    How will we build work with applications further?

    Tomorrow we will start viewing the submitted applications. We will post the best on the contest website for open voting, the results of which will be taken into account by the jury during the selection in the second round. If possible, the authors of the applications will give personal recommendations on how to improve them. Until September 20, they will have a chance to finalize the materials and go to the second round. We will work with newly incoming applications in the same way. According to the new plan, we will be able to announce the winners of the competition on October 15.

    For inspiration to everyone who has not yet decided to take part in the competition, we post our new video about Stepic.

    We also remind you that there is an entry for three courses from Computer Science Center (algorithms, C ++ and operating systems) , which will start on September 15.

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