Harvesting organs from living people discredits Olympic spirit - CIPFG of Canada publishes a statement calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics

    On May 30, 2007, the CIPFG (Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong) held a press conference in the Canadian Parliament and issued a statement stating that "the Olympic Games and crimes against humanity cannot coexist in China," which also said, "If the answer is our demand will not be received until August 8, 2007, we will join forces with those who support us around the world to urge people to boycott the 2008 Olympic Games. ”

    Among those present at the conference were the CIPF chairman of Canada, Rabbi Dr. Ruven B Alka, former Canadian Secretary of State for Asia Pacific David Kilgour, Member of Parliament Boris Wrzesnevsky, former Member of Parliament Simma Holt from Vancouver and Dr. Torsten Trey, spokeswoman for Doctors Against Organ Harvesting.

    Mr. Vrzhesnevsky said: “We have not seen tragedy of this magnitude and in such a form as organ harvesting since the Nazi regime. "How many doctors, how many medical workers in China - people who must work to save lives - are actually involved in the death industry?"

    “What is the price of human life? It seems that the Chinese government has drawn itself into a process in which human organs are priced in dollars. What a monstrous underestimation of human life. What is the true price of a lost soul? Anyone who has lost their lives? Ruined lives that could still live? You cannot rate. That is why so many people are involved in this and make such an effort. I hope that before the deadline of August 8, the Chinese government is aware that this must be stopped. Human life cannot be appreciated by the millions that the military and hospitals receive for their organs. This is an unimaginable black spot in the Republic of China and will be recorded in a historical book. They cannot hide it. It will be recorded. It would be much better if they wrote in historical books,

    The Falun Gong Coalition Investigation Coalition has put forward the following three demands by the Chinese Communist Party:

    1. Immediately stop the persecution of Falun Gong and release all followers who have been imprisoned for their faith.

    2. End the persecution of friends, supporters, and lawyers of Falun Gong practitioners (Gao Zhisheng, Li Hong, etc.).

    3. Hold a discussion with the CIPFG in order to agree on the opening of labor camps, prisons, hospitals and similar closed institutions in order to conduct an independent investigation organized by the CIPFG.

    David Matas and David Kilgour, authors of the “Report on the verification of allegations of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China,” supported the Communist Party initiative.

    Rabbi Dr. Ruven P. Balka, Chairman of the CIPFG in Canada, said: “I would like this situation to not exist, but it exists, and we have no choice but to oppose it. If we do not, and these atrocities continue, then we will have nothing to justify ourselves. When our children learn that we were silent during the commission of such crimes, we will have nothing to say. Therefore, everything that happens tells us: “Raise your voice in defense! Do your best. ”

    The CIPFG, referring to Article 3 of the Olympic Charter, stated: “Protecting human dignity is the main task of the Olympic Games. Wanting to get the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese authorities promised members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) back in 2001 to improve the human rights situation in China. Nevertheless, recent reports by the UN and Amnesty International show that in recent years the situation in the field of human rights has actually worsened, and the Olympic Games were used by the authorities as a tool for all kinds of persecution. Falun Gong practitioners are particularly severely attacked. After July 20, 1999, when the communist regime launched a full-scale persecution of (the followers) of Falun Gong, despite a severe blockade of information, according to confirmed data from foreign reports, 3036 people died. UN Special Rapporteur Manfred Nowak said in March 2007 that Falun Gong practitioners accounted for 66% of the number of victims of torture while in state prisons.
    “In March 2006, witnesses began to appear who claimed that the communist regime had created concentration camps similar to the Nazi, which contain Falun Gong practitioners. In these camps, organs were removed from a large number of living practitioners, and then their bodies were cremated. "

    Former Member of Parliament Simma Holt from Vancouver said: “I want to say the following: human rights, human rights violations and genocide are just words. People do not understand that behind these words are terrifying stories that are not comparable to what Dr. Mengele did during the Holocaust. He was a doctor of death. There is nothing that could be compared with what is happening in China, namely: organ harvesting from still living people and their sale. A new report by Kilgour and Matas shows that the army is financed with this money. These operations are performed by military surgeons. They put on their uniform and then disappear. It’s hard for us to even imagine it, but those 3,000 people know and, apparently, there are still thousands and thousands of those who have lost their body and their lives, and sometimes all that remains of them is only bones, which are then cremated. David Matas and David Kilgour found such a witness. This is a woman who was in the clinic. Her husband participated in the removal of 2,000 corneas, as it became known, over the course of two years. The people he operated on were alive, and other surgeons removed other parts of their body for sale, took blood tests from them, etc. According to the witness, all this happened to healthy, normal, peaceful people who were declared criminals. ”

    Member of Parliament Boris Vrzhesnevsky said: “As a Member of Parliament, I have certain opportunities and resources at my disposal. One of them is the establishment of legislation. I will work with representatives of other parties, Members of Parliament from other parties, to promote legislation on this issue in order to make sure that no Canadians are involved in this deadly industry that we see today in China ... People are extraordinarily We are interested in doing everything so that this horror that occurs today in the PRC is stopped. And we have such a unique opportunity, in light of the approaching Olympic Games, to highlight this problem and bring it to the fore, and convince the Chinese government to put an end to this terrifying industry. ”

    Dr. Torsten Trey said at a press conference: “Organ harvesting practices are against ethical standards, Doctors Against Organ Harvesting believes that the global medical community supports this. Today's situation is an ominous reminder of the Olympic Games in the summer of 1936 in Berlin, which were used by the Nazi party as a cover for spreading their ideology and at the same time were preparations for the Holocaust. ”

    He continued: “Our organization believes that, given the current human rights situation in China, supporting and promoting the Beijing Olympics will be contrary to the true spirit of the Olympic movement. Doctors of the world must vigorously protest against these inhuman crimes in the field of medicine. Therefore, until the cessation of organ harvesting is confirmed, Doctors Against Organ Harvesting joins the international coalition to call for a boycott of the 2008 Olympic Games. ”

    Additional Information

    The CIPFG consists of more than 300 world-famous names, and also contains four delegations from Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Investigating allegations that the CCP has authorized organ harvesting from living people for profit, the CIPF intends to uncover the facts of the persecution, stop it and hold criminals accountable.

    The head of the Australian CIPF is Andrew Bartlett, Member of the Federal Parliament.

    The head of the CIPFG in Europe is Baroness Caroline Cox, Senator of Great Britain.

    The head of the Asian CIPFG is Lai Ching-te, a doctor from Taiwan.

    Members of the CIPFG of North America are Congress Members, renowned scholars, doctors and lawyers.

    Source: www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2007/5/31/155961.html

    Kilgour / Matas Reportorganharvestinvestigation.net/report0607/report060706-ru.pdf

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