By the end of the year, China will launch a returning orbiter to the moon

    And some more space for today. The fact is that an experimental vehicle was delivered to the Sichan cosmodrome in Sichuan province today, which will be required to enter the orbit of the moon and then return to Earth.

    This device is one of the stages of the project to create a returning lunar probe. Such a probe, according to the project, will have to descend from an orbital vehicle (unmanned) to the surface of the Moon, take soil samples, and go on a return trip to Earth.

    To test all the technologies necessary for the project, the current experimental apparatus was created. It should be launched to the moon before the end of the year. Now at the spaceport scheduled checks and testing of all systems will be carried out.

    China intends to launch a returned experimental lunar orbiter by the end of 2014
    Transportation of the probe to the spaceport.

    As for the final stage of the mission, its purpose is to deliver lunar soil samples to Earth in 2017. This mission is entrusted to the Chang'e-5 and Chang'e-6 modules.

    In the future, by 2020, China plans to create a lunar orbital station, which will serve as an intermediate link for the delivery of man to the moon. And by 2030, the Chinese plan to send the returned vehicle to Mars, with the task of taking the soil of Mars and delivering it to Earth.

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