Microsoft will close support for unsafe versions of Internet Explorer in 2016

    IE developers announced that in early 2016 support for unsafe versions of the browser will be closed, which can still be used on Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 if there are no updates there. Thus, the company once again encourages users to use the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7-8-8.1, which contains a significant number of security features (Advanced Protected Mode, 64-bit tabs, Anti-UAF, HEASLR modules, forced ASLR ) and protection against exploits (they can work in conjunction only with the latest versions of Windows).

    Microsoft has identified the so-called combination of Windows and Internet Explorer, which will continue to receive updates. For example, for the outdated up-to-date version of Windows Vista SP2 + Internet Explorer 9, updates will still be delivered, due to the fact that Vista as an OS does not contain the security features necessary for IE10 + to work correctly, i.e. the user does not may upgrade to newer versions of the browser. Microsoft is forced to support such outdated combinations, since there is a certain period of extended support for Vista and the software that comes with it. The table below shows the combination of browsers and OS that will be supported after the beginning of 2016.

    The closure of support will affect primarily Windows 7 users who do not want to install security updates for their system. Windows 7 came with IE 8, but the completely updated up-to-date OS with SP1 uses the secure 11th version of the browser.

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