Comparison of the cost of using cartridges for laser printers (top models of 2014)

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    Recall that the previous post ( Laser printers and consumables: a guide for choosing and extending the life of the device ), we devoted to the description of the basic principles for choosing and extending the life of the laser printers and their supplies.

    A curious suggestion arose in the comments on the material : to compare the cost of using supplies from different groups of printing equipment. The proposal is really quite interesting, and since we can give a detailed (more than) answer, we hope that all this information will be useful to both private users and corporations. In general, let's get started.

    There are 4 main groups of laser printers:
    - personal equipment;
    - small equipment;
    - medium equipment;
    - large equipment.

    We also identified 3 main groups of consumables for laser printers:
    - original cartridges;
    - refilled and remanufactured cartridges;
    - compatible cartridges.

    Having selected 2-3 top models in each group of printers, we compared them according to the criterion of “copy price,” where the price of a copy is the cost of a printed document, including only the cost of consumables (cartridges), excluding printer maintenance.

    Comparison of the cost of using laser printer cartridges

    The purpose of the comparison is to give the most objective assessment of the cost of using various consumables.
    We made the choice of TOP cartridge models based on data from the Business Inform Information-Marketing Agency (, and also based on statistics downloaded from our company’s information system.
    Cartridge prices are an arithmetic average of several leading suppliers of original, compatible, and refillable / refillable cartridges.

    The price of the copy was obtained by us according to the formula: The

    price of the copy of the original cartridge was obtained on the basis of the arithmetic average market value.
    Price of a refilled / refurbished copyindicated by us in the “refueling-recovery” range.
    The price of a copy of a compatible cartridge is indicated in the range cheap - expensive TM.

    Personal equipment group (printing up to 5,000 copies per month):

    Small equipment group (printing up to 5,000-10,000 copies per month):

    Middle-class printers (printing per month from 10,000 to 50,000 copies):

    Printers “Large office equipment” (printing per month from 50,000 copies):

    Thus, it is possible to derive the INDICATOR of the ratio of cartridge costs to paper cost.
    Why did we choose paper as a constant? There are two reasons:
    - paper is necessarily involved in the printing process;
    - its cost is quite stable unlike other participants in the printing process (printer, cartridges).

    We got the indicator of the ratio of costs for cartridges to the cost of paper as follows:

    Analysis of cartridges by indicator: The

    table makes it possible to compare the costs of paper with the costs of cartridges and evaluate their suppliers in pricing, as well as see opportunities for savings, if necessary.

    However , "Savings" - this is just one of the criteria for choosing those or other consumables for printing equipment. In addition to it, an important characteristic of office printing is the “quality” of the print, and in recent years, such a criterion as “environmental friendliness” has become increasingly relevant.

    I would like to talk about them in a separate material, if, of course, it is interesting to Habr. By the way, we are ready to write more detailed answers to various topics related to the field of laser (and not only) printing. If you have suggestions about what to write about, what you are interested in hearing, we are ready to implement these suggestions!

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