Travel Remote Work Rules

    The modern world provides us with an amazing opportunity to choose a profession that does not need to produce one single piece from dawn to dusk in the dark workshops of an old brick factory. Nowadays, you can successfully realize yourself, build a business and find complete freedom where you want it (and where all the conditions for this are created).

    A flexible schedule leading to increased productivity, the ability not to spend time on the road to the office, the conditions for concentration on the work process created by yourself - all this makes remote work the long-awaited dream of many office employees.

    Remote work is fraught with many pitfalls (including the lack of non-verbal communication), but rest assured, modern technologies set new standards, change our ideas about both the work process and the rest. You can live in a world in which there are no borders, if you do not want to communicate with living people for weeks, travel and work at the same time, investing your free time in creative growth and self-realization.
    It remains to solve only one question: how can we build a workflow so that work does not interfere with rest, and rest gives strength for daily work?

    Destination - Matching Travel Purpose

    Where to go? In fact, the destination does not matter. You can go to Europe and catch dozens of open Wi-Fi networks in the forest or travel for weeks to the mountains of Nepal, in search of a cafe with the Internet. Cheap, simple, exotic, trampled by tourists - all these places on the planet are waiting for you. If your goal is to combine relaxation with work, you should rely only on a few basic principles: the availability of free Internet in the country, the presence of electricity, the ability to create comfortable working conditions.

    The last point is very individual, because everyone has their own requirements for an ideal job. You should remember the main thing: the purpose of your trip is to get the most out of work combined with rest. The goals of “good rest” or “excellent work” alone will only interfere. In fact, there is no contradiction between work and rest - the second is like power for the battery, the energy you need every day and almost absent in megacities. To get this energy from space is the meaning of remote work on a journey.

    If you feel like you were a penguin in a past life, go to Finland. Love the hot climate - work in the shade of a bungalow in Bali. Prefer the atmosphere of the hive, in which everyone is busy with their own creative business, go to Europe, where today there are more than a thousand coworking centers, which, in addition to jobs, have chillouts, a room for telephone and skype-talks, coffee areas and fenced smoking areas . You can rent a workplace for only a few hours.

    All tools for work

    The recipient country will receive some money from you for a SIM card with unlimited internet. You will need a smartphone and laptop. The fact of having an Internet cafe should not confuse the traveler. A periodic change in the surrounding space favorably affects the mental mood. Today you will want to work in the cozy atmosphere of your office, and tomorrow you will go to the beach and will repair the base in Moscow through TeamViewer, feeling how the vast ocean licks your legs.

    Probably, you yourself have long chosen for yourself all the necessary software for remote work. Jump Desktop, TightVNC, TeamViewer, Google Remote Desktop - thousands of them! A laptop with a good battery is a pointless thing in an apartment. But it’s worth it to be thousands of kilometers from the sleeping area of ​​the city, as you begin to get real pleasure from mobility. By the way, not only employment in IT predisposes to remote work. Writers, journalists, artists, musicians, creators of all genres can try a cocktail called “work is relaxation”.


    Experienced freelancers know that focusing on work at home is a difficult task, especially if you have a family. In a new country, you can create a travel / work schedule for yourself and stick to it. The first 2 weeks you can only go hiking in the surrounding mountains, and spend the second couple of weeks at a local Internet cafe. Or the work will take four in the morning, at the same time, freeing you the evening hours.

    Regardless of the style of rest, you should follow a simple rule: nothing should occupy the lion's share of your time. 50/50 is an excellent distribution, but you yourself can change it depending on the strength. 60/40? Why not. But remember that if the work gets too much (and vice versa, there is too much daiquiri in the pool under the scorching sun), your performance will decrease. Do not forget to nourish the strength of your location and the atmosphere itself.

    Creating the right atmosphere

    The purpose of the trip is to successfully combine work with rest. Not every hotel room will seem like a convenient replacement for your office space. Of course, you can work sitting on a cardboard box under the bridge, but the factor in the formation of a favorable environment has a significant impact on labor productivity. Let's see what “ workaholics ” choose , for whom work is the purpose of travel. In the photo you see Hacker house

    in Palo Alto (there he hides behind the trees ... but what prevents you from working on this lush lawn?). Spacious two-story house with lots of work space. If you want to feel the spirit of Silicon Valley, get new contacts, including among startups, if you need a community of professionals like you, this is a great choice. Take a room, choose a convenient place to work - and enjoy the process during which you can consult on difficult issues with your neighbors. For several travelers, couples, an interesting option would be a mobile office. While your friend or wife is driving a car, exploring the streets of unfamiliar cities, you remotely solve current problems. A few hours later, sunbathe on a deserted wild beach.

    Fans of quiet, quiet comfort make their choice in favor of a secluded study, located in a secret house in the middle of a wilderness somewhere in Sweden. The centuries-old forest outside the window, the slanting rays of sunlight, barely breaking through the crowns of trees, does not bring down glare on a glossy display. No agony of life in megacities can distract you from daily affairs. However, the simplicity of the place is deceptive, after 15 minutes you can find yourself in an urban metropolitan area and completely transform into a tourist-traveler.

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