You are in an embargoed country. Java cannot be loaded

    Hello, Habr!

    A little bit did not reach the post on Friday, but the topic is decent.

    Cannot load Java (TM) on this computer. You are in an embargoed country.

    This is exactly what you get when you try to download JVM from while in Russia.

    Do not believe? See for yourself:

    In case you are not lucky and you are not in Russia, then you should not be upset. See EDIT5 .

    PS Habr - not for politics, so please avoid discussing it in the comments. Thanks.

    EDIT1: Apparently, it does not work on all Internet providers. Added a poll.

    EDIT2: So far it is known for certain that the page is visible to a subscriber of FSUE RSVO. The list will be updated.

    EDIT3 As isden correctly pointed out in the comments , Java is still swinging

    EDIT3 Found a mention of a similar situation in 2008-2009 in Germany:

    EDIT4 Doman writes:
    Perhaps FSUE RSVO in some way fell under targeted or sectoral sanctions, for example, serving the oil industry or defense enterprises. Accordingly, so far, “civilian” telecom operators are not in danger.

    EDIT5 Due to constant voting errors, I removed the link to the stub (be careful, if you follow this link you will see the stub 100%, even if you don’t fall under the restriction) here: error_embargoed.xml

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you see the embargo page

    • 4.2% Yes, I am in Russia and I see a page about the embargo 367
    • 65.8% No, I'm in Russia, but you can download 5699
    • 29.8% I am not in Russia and just want to see the result 2583

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