The saxophone was first printed on a 3D printer

    The First 3D-Printed Saxophone Sounds Surprisingly Decent

    Now, as 3D printers are becoming increasingly inexpensive and practical, these devices are bought not only by geeks, but also ordinary people who need to print something for work, or for themselves. In general, the range of objects that are printed on 3D printers is constantly expanding.

    These are toys, cars, and whole houses. They even print musical instruments, including guitars and violins. Recently, information appeared on the Web about the first saxophone printed on a 3D printer.

    To create an entire musical instrument, 41 separate parts were needed. True, the springs for the valves had to be inserted conventionally, until the author of this project (Olaf Diegel) learned how to create springs on a 3D printer. In addition, there are other parts that were not printed (for example, small screws that hold the parts together).

    The working prototype is made up of 41 components, not including springs and screws

    Nevertheless, everything else is a product of the 3D printer, and below you can listen to a fragment of the melody that is played on an instrument made of nylon.

    And here is another video where the same author talks about the process of creating a guitar, which was also printed on a 3D printer:

    Via theverge

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