VKApp Treatment for iPhone

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today I want to talk about how the treatment process of the VKontakte application for iOS took place.

    Everyone knows that in the new update there is paid music and pages that are not displayed from the client due to 18+ content. This was done so that the application was moderated in the "AppStore".
    Actually these “innovations” caused a flurry of negative emotions towards the company. Therefore, I did not like it either. Well, if there was something like a subscription something like in “Google Play Music”, I would not even think about the “treatment” of the application.

    Let's get down to the process itself.
    First of all, I decided to find out what had changed in the very requests to vkapi, so, armed with a sniffer, I started listening to where the application was knocking.

    When searching for audio recordings, the query looked something like this:
    sniffer screenshot

    After a little thought, the thought came to me that most likely the reason was in the “User Agent”. The way it is. If you replace, for example, “com.vk.vkclient / 13” with “com.vk.vkclient 13”, audio recordings are perfectly searched for. The matter remains for small, to make a modification to the client.

    Since I am a person far from programming in ObjC, I did not find a more logical option how to open the application package in the archiver and extract the executable file for further study and manipulation in the HEX editor.

    By ordinary search we find references to “User-Agent”. We see something similar to this:


    For "treatment", it is enough to replace just one byte
    55 73 65 72 2D 41 67 65 6E 74 00 25 40 20 25 40 20 28 25 40 2C 20 25 40 20 25 40 2C 20 25 40 2C 20 53 63 61 6C 65 2F 25 66 29

    As a result, we have "User-Agent: com.vk.vkclient 13". We pack everything back and put it on your device and have a completely untied application from iTunes and with open 18+ content.

    cured version

    PS: I won’t talk about versions with Offline mode, the principle of action is the same as in this treatment.

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