DIY weather analysis

    Not so long ago I realized that in our climate the most important thing is not a degree, but cloudiness. The worst month for me is January, during which there is no sun for several weeks. There was an idea to compare cloudiness quantitatively in space and in time. It turned out that there is a very useful public service with archived weather data for 11 years for different cities of the planet.

    Having calculated the average cloud cover and deviation from the average for different cities, I give a graph of cloud cover, measured on a ten-point scale:

    cloud chart

    Cloud differences for Moscow and St. Petersburg within the range of changes from year to year. The spread of cloudiness in winter from year to year is less than in summer. So you can’t wait for a lot of sunny days in January. It can be seen that London is not so gloomy in the winter. Sunny Magadan can be envied only in the winter season, in the summer, as in St. Petersburg in the fall.

    temperature graph

    On the temperature graph, London obviously wins in the winter, and in Magadan it is chilly all year round. Differences of Peter from Moscow in the aisles of annual deviations.

    The source code for processing and parsing can be found here .

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