How to program in Visual C # 2012. 5th ed


    Hello. Book, which we want to introduce to you, was not released today or even yesterday, but until now (even after the release of VS2013) it is relevant, which is why we want to pay attention to it. In principle, everything is clear from the title, this book is devoted to working with the C # language in the Visual Studio 2012 environment. This publication is a detailed guide to the Visual C # language starting from the very basics, and it will suit a wide range of readers, from experienced programmers who are learning new things for themselves languages, to those who have just begun to master programming (and for them in the first place). The factor of the “introductory” book, which is extremely detailed and meticulously describing the basics of the subject area, may seem like a minus for the practicing programmer; he simply flips through these pages. But is detailed information redundant in such a book? The language of the narrative is simple and intelligible, but also suitable for those who believe

    The code examples in the book are a separate feature. These are not just fragments, but elements of a general concept, i.e. a workable program, divided by topic. The book is equipped with detailed illustrations, an auxiliary apparatus with designations, and, of course, links to the necessary source code. Separately, we note that LINQ, ADO.NET and ASP.NET technologies are discussed in detail. In general, the publication can be advised to those who plan to expand their horizons, and first of all to those who want to give a “quick start” on the path of a programmer.


    The book is available in paper form, PDF and EPUB.
    Habrokupona code: ff532692 (10% discount is valid until August 19).

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