Blink: a wireless surveillance system for home and office

    Various companies have created and are creating surveillance systems for the home / office, and such systems can be very different. Inexpensive and very expensive, professional and amateur, if I may say so.

    Not so long ago, another surveillance system was announced, the developers of which decided to focus on the ease of installation / configuration of the system, as well as on the small size of the cameras / sensors themselves. This system is called Blink.

    What can blink do?

    The system is equipped with a wireless communication module, a motion detector and a temperature detector. You can watch what is happening at home thanks to an HD camera capable of transmitting good quality images.

    If Blink “detected” the movement, a notification is sent to the user immediately on the smartphone. The owner can immediately connect to the device’s camera via the Internet and see what happens at home, maybe the cat is running, or maybe the house was visited by unexpected guests, and it's time to call the police.

    When motion is detected, the camera immediately starts recording video, information is stored on Blink servers. In addition, the camera can also broadcast video to the user's mobile device - a tablet or smartphone on iOS and Android platforms.

    System configuration:

    • HD camera with night vision system;
    • Motion Detector;
    • Temperature detector;
    • WiFi wireless module;
    • Built-in microphone.

    You can connect several camera modules to the system, all of them transfer data to the synchronization module (supplied with the device), and the module itself already analyzes the data and transfers information to the user's smartphone.

    According to the developers, everything works out of the box.

    The camera module runs on battery power, which, according to the developers, lasts for a year of work. Of course, you can always see the charge level, information is transmitted to the Blink app for smartphones (iOS and Android).

    Price and order

    The cost of one set of Blink (camera + synchronization module) is 69 US dollars. For $ 89, you can get a set of 2 cameras and a synchronization module. For $ 269 you can get 5 cameras and a synchronization module. The maximum set will cost $ 2,500 - 10 sets with 5 camera modules in each (i.e. 50 cameras and 10 synchronization modules). The device will go on sale in May 2015.

    You can leave a request for notification when the device goes on sale in Russia on the Medgadgets website .

    No monthly fee for using Blink services is provided . Money is paid only for the device.

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