A bit of sunday infographic # 2

    NYT Chronicle

    The developers at the New York Times did a good job of digitizing all the materials in the history of the media. And then they created Chronicle - a tool for visualizing the citation index of keywords. Given the scale of the publisher, using this tool you can track certain trends and trends. All data is exported, which can serve as a good source for infographics. Let's hope that the functionality of the project will evolve from time to time providing new opportunities.

    Russian mobile games market grew 3 times

    The Mail.ru Group and NewZoo recently published a wonderful infographic that reveals the features of the mobile games market in Russia. According to the data, 33 million players play “our vast” mobile games, which makes up 79% of the total number of game fans, but only 28% are ready to pay for this type of pastime.

    Color Psychology Guide

    My favorite interpretation of the term “brand” is from James R. Gregory, from the book “Leveraging the Corporate Brand”
    A brand is not a thing, product, company or organization. Brands do not exist in the real world - they are mental constructs. A brand is best described as the sum of a person’s experience, his perception of a thing, product, company or organization. Brands exist in the form of consciousness or specific people or society.

    If you look at the infographics and compare the psychological perception of color with the associations associated with the corresponding brand, then personally I have a lot in common and this is amazing ...

    Destroyers of legends about My World

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