Netwrix study results: two-thirds of IT companies themselves break their IT infrastructure

A couple of months ago on the expanses of Runet (and not only) published the results of our study .

Carrying out the research, we tried to determine how widespread is the practice of documenting and monitoring changes in the IT infrastructure, and also to find out whether the changes made by specialists affect the system’s performance and its security.

The survey involved 577 specialists, of which: representatives of large enterprises (33%), medium (42%) and (25%) small businesses. The list includes enterprises from various fields: information technology, services, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, education, consulting, retail and wholesale, energy, etc.

The main results of the study:

Among large enterprises - change control tools are more common - they are used by 80% of companies, compared with about 55% of medium-sized companies and 45% of small businesses.

As for the impact of the changes made on the work of the IT infrastructure, we got the following results:
  • 65% of IT professionals make changes to the IT infrastructure of the enterprise, which lead to a shutdown;
  • 52% of specialists make changes to IT systems that are accompanied by downtime every day or once a week ;
  • 39% make changes that lead to the appearance of gaps in the security system of companies.

The survey results suggest that specialists regularly make undocumented changes that affect the level of protection of the IT infrastructure and its performance. Documentation of changes, in turn, helps prevent system malfunctions or quickly find and solve the cause of a particular malfunction.

Thanks for the infographic, thanks to Alexander Volkov.

You can read more about the study on the Cnews website .
Full results of the study in English are available on our website .

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