Competition for children and adult children - experiments in the kitchen


    Recently I wrote about the release of the third book from the series "Simple Science" in which the competition "Experiments in the Kitchen" was announced . And today I officially invite all hawkers to take part in it!

    And do not hide behind your age, even if it can already be called "venerable." I am convinced that all people are divided into two categories: children and adult children;)

    Conditions of the competition

    1. First you need to choose any 2 experiences with food from the books “ Simple Science .”
      * If someone else does not have our books, then specially for you I posted some spreads with experiments at the end of the post.
    2. Repeat these experiments and shoot an interesting video with them.
      * Parents, grandfather and grandmother, wife, children, neighbors and their relatives - all can help in filming and editing the video.

      • imagevideo duration from 1 to 5 min
      • imageThe video should begin with the words “Hello! I’m Ivan Ivanov (Masha Mashina) ..., Here is my experiment with food specifically for the "Simple Science" "
      • imagedo not forget that music and captions can greatly decorate any video

    3. Share the video on YouTube and send the link to the address:

    Gifts to all contest participants

    All participants of the competition, without exception, are entitled to well-deserved gifts. From ourselves, we promise the fourth volume of the book "Simple Science", which is expected to be released in November. In addition, our Gourmayor friends will provide participants with a strategic supply of pasta. Moreover, you can choose both a children's series and for adults.


    Super prize for the winner

    According to the results of the competition, which will be announced on October 10, 2014, the Super Prize will be awarded to the most experimenter. What will it be, we will keep it a secret for now, but I’ll just say that the prize will definitely appeal to a geek of any age;)


    Experiences for the contest

    In case the “Simple Science” books are not at hand, you can take advantage of these spreads and a couple of videos:

    Draw on milk


    Lemon Battery


    Red-headed chemistry


    Fried eggs


    Milk and cola


    Egg in a bottle

    Orange and balance

    Especially for the contest on the channel "Simple Science" a playlist will be created with all the competitive works.

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