Summer update at Freelansim

    Hello! As you know, in January Freelansim switched to a paid subscription. By announcing the changes , we promised to expand the capabilities for users. No sooner said than done: the first “extension" was a new service - "Services".

    Previously, freelancers could only look for orders among placed ones, which not everyone liked. In a frank conversation, there was even a complaint, saying, " the site is good for everyone, but in my specialization there are only a couple of orders a month, you don’t really get around ." We thought and decided to make the interaction two-way - so that customers could find freelancers not only in the catalog, but also on specific offers.

    As a result, a new section has appeared on the site, in which the services offered by freelancers are published. As in the sections "Orders" and "Freelancers", they are divided into categories of the rubricator.

    The principle of operation of the services is very similar to orders: responses isolated from prying eyes, the possibility of sorting them (already by a freelance artist, and not the customer) into sections (marked, archive), the possibility of raising and highlighting.

    Of the differences: after completing all the work, the customer will be able to write a public review of the service, which will be located in the "Customers" section of the service page. This indicator will appear in the general list of services.

    The new section is designed for passive search of orders. But it is especially suitable for those who prefer to execute only standard orders: for example, write only parsers for websites or layout templates only for WordPress.

    Each freelancer with an active subscription can place 3 services for free, each additional one will cost 1 Fantik (100 rubles). As in the case of orders, the service can be highlighted or raised in the list of services. Any user registered on the site can respond to the service, and it will remain on the site as long as the subscription is valid.

    What else:

    »Redesigned left menu

    Until recently, the menu had an item with a user avatar that led to the profile page. We decided to repeat the structure of Habr: by clicking on the avatar (yours) everything that applies to you is displayed - your orders, your feedback and your services. The remaining button (we call it “burger button”) leads to sections of the site.

    It was:

    It has become:

    Try it, navigation has become even easier!

    »Automatically expand the text field when writing a response

    Now when you enter large text in the form of a response, its size will automatically increase as you enter text.

    »The information content of error pages has been worked out

    Now, instead of server errors, you will see information about what exactly happened with the order - whether it was deleted by the customer, completed, or fell victim to the moderator.

    »Updated help section

    Now we are starting to introduce a new useful service, which will also be included in the subscription and will be useful to each user of the site in each order.

    Write about the errors found in the comments, but better in a personal or feedback form .

    Successful orders!

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