Phyode W / Me Bracelet. Personal life analyzer

    Continuing to acquaint you with interesting gadgets, today I got to the W / Me device. Last time, at MedGadgets, we looked at a Polar Loop bracelet that performed fairly standard functions: a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and calorie burn. In W / ME, this is not so, and therefore it can not be called a fitness tracker in the usual sense of the word. Let's just say that the most common thing that he can do is measure your heart rate. But the other functions in bracelets I have not seen at all. Well, are we starting to figure it out?

    By tradition, let's start with the box. Here it is ordinary, but not quite simple. Such a wooden case is hidden in a cardboard box. Beautiful, but no functionality, only a place. Inside the bracelet itself and instructions. No adapters, covers or anything else, everything is very concise.

    The bracelet looks pretty standard. It differs from other models, except that the arch is concave inward. It does not press on the hand, but is needed so that the metal plate to measure your performance fits snugly against the hand. You should not be afraid, this part of W / Me is made of plastic and covered with rather soft rubber, so there will be nothing to rub in this place, and in general I did not feel any discomfort when using the bracelet. But, thanks to this design, the bracelet is suitable for any wrist.

    By the way, this part of the bracelet can be replaced. It is enough just to unbend it strongly, as the lower part will snap off and the bracelet will fall into two halves. This is unlikely to be useful, unless you want to change the color, but these are trifles.

    On the front side of the device there are several elements. Firstly, this is a screen made of a set of LEDs, but about it a little later. Secondly, this is a button for controlling the bracelet. However, it also serves as a conductor in measuring the pulse. Just put a finger on it, the second metal element on the inside of the bracelet is already touching your hand, and the measurement of the pulse begins. Alas, measurements take place only when the chain is closed, that is, your finger is on the button, and the bracelet is worn on the hand. It is a pity, of course, many would be useful to measure the pulse during training, when it is inconvenient to keep your hand on the bracelet. Well, there is also a latch with which you can unfasten the bracelet to remove it.

    Yes, as for charging the bracelet, then everything is like in the Nike Fuelband, the USB connector is hidden in the bracelet itself, it is very convenient.

    I like that the bracelet has a screen, it is made of 120 diodes. This allows you to not get a smartphone every time you want to watch the pulse, time or something else. However, most of the data can be seen, of course, only in the application.


    Now I’ll tell you how this bracelet differs from all the gadgets on the market. I want to say right away: this is not a fitness tracker. He will not measure how many kilometers you ran, how much sleep, etc. His analysis is more interesting. Typically, electrodes that need to be lubricated are used to measure heart rate. Immediately, Phyode developed a dry electrode that does several counting cycles. This allows you to use the sensor more conveniently. The device uses measuring amplifiers, filters, ADCs and a digital signal processor. The gadget collects and processes the original microvolt signals to show you data about the state of the body.

    The performance here is unusual; I have never seen this before. This so-called life spectrum analyzer is used to determine your subconscious mental state, whether it is balanced, pessimistic, excitable or restless.



    The company worked with doctors and collected a lot of data with which you can determine the age of your autonomic nervous system. Most often it turns out to be higher than your real one. It can be improved through breathing exercises and making the necessary changes to your lifestyle. The application will help with breathing, but figuring out whether you should eat less or run more is your task, here the program is not an assistant.


    The application implements a coaching platform with 5 different levels for training diaphragmatic breathing. Each level is determined by a different respiratory rate. So, if you have not yet learned how to breathe correctly, then the program will teach you. Thanks to these controls, you can improve your autonomic nervous system. Following the prompts, you can set the optimal pace of your breathing and choose an acceptable level. In training mode, ECG, heart rate, and system status are displayed.


    In the application you can see the history and analyze the changes. All figures are given with explanations, so when using the program everything should be clear, there will be no problems. You just need to use this bracelet and watch your dynamics. If after your changes in life your condition worsens, then you are doing something wrong. Thus, the bracelet has essentially two modes of operation. The first is monitoring your vital signs: heart rate and breathing, as well as analyzing a person’s state based on these data. And the second - instructing mode - in which the application and the gadget teach you how to breathe.

    But if the functions of the bracelet ended on this, it would be rather boring and the creators would hardly have collected the necessary amount on Kikstarter. Since there is a screen, then they made Phyode here and the clock. It’s very convenient, you don’t have to get your smartphone out to take a look. In addition, if the bracelet is still connected via Bluetooth, then why not display notifications on it from the phone? Therefore, if you connected the bracelet to a smartphone, then when you receive a call or SMS, W / Me will vibrate. But if there is a vibrating alert, not making an alarm is a rather strange decision, it would be useful to many.

    However, that is not all. There is a smartphone search function here. They pressed a button and the application on the phone will start to make sounds. And if the phone suddenly falls outside the range of the Bluetooth bracelet, then the gadget will vibrate and say that the user has left his phone somewhere. Well, another small trick - the bracelet button can be used to remotely launch the built-in camera of the phone. But the “Flashlight" function, as it seems to me, is still superfluous in the bracelet. Although, if the LED screen is all the same, then why not give the opportunity to light them all at once and maybe help insert the key into the keyhole or find the phone in the dark. But it looks, of course, funny. The gadget is compatible with both iOS devices and Android. If only there was Bluetooth 4.0, without it it won’t work.

    The Phyode W / Me bracelet is a very interesting device. This is not a fitness bracelet in its standard sense, but a monitoring system. The combination of hardware and software allows you to determine the state of the nervous system and conduct training to normalize breathing and, in general, lead a healthy lifestyle. It is a pity, of course, that this bracelet does not measure the number of steps and other physical activities. But it can be useful not only to athletes, but to everyone who wants to monitor their body. A bracelet costs about 7,500 rubles, which is a reasonable price for such a gadget. In general, I liked the bracelet, this is an interesting thing, geeks should like it. Not without cons and oddities, of course, but the gadget is entertaining.

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