Ritot: smart and stylish projection clock

    On Habré articles and notes about smart watches from different manufacturers have been published several times. Such watches can act as an organizer / calendar, add-ons to a smartphone, sometimes also a fitness tracker.

    Such watches may be stylish or not very, but they have one thing in common - the presence of a display. Well, the developers of Ritot decided to go the other way, and removed the display as such. It was replaced by a projector that displays all the necessary information on the surface of the back of the owner’s palm. Now, however, only a few prototypes are ready, and a mass launch into production is planned from December this year.

    Design and features

    Watches exist in two incarnations: classic and sports. Both versions have a different design and are made of different materials.


    The classic model has an aluminum case, which is covered with leather (painted in black or white). This modification of Riot looks quite stylish, so that the watch can be used as a decoration.

    As for the sports model, its body is made of rubber, plastic and rubber.

    Functionally, both models do not differ from each other, and both ordinary and sports modifications are waterproof (according to what safety standard, developers do not write).

    Watch Features:

    • Ritot watches are equipped with a projector that allows you to use them both in the daytime and at night;
    • Ritot watches use fairly high-quality materials, so the watch is designed for a long service life.
    • Projection technology is absolutely safe for skin and health.
    • You can change the color of the projection in one click. More than 20 colors are available to choose from.
    • There are two ways to activate the projection: touch the touch button or just shake it with your wrist.
    • The projection automatically disappears from the hand after 10 seconds (you can set a constant projection mode).
    • The watch is equipped with energy-saving technology: 1 month of standby time and 150 hours in projection mode.
    • Waterproof
    • The ability to choose the right size for any hand.
    • Unisex design
    • Time display mode in 24 or 12 hour format.
    • The projection changes position for the left and right hand.

    The title says that this watch is smart, which means that it can be used as an addition to a smartphone. Ritot can display the following information (synchronization is via Bluetooth):

    • Incoming call with caller name
    • Text messages
    • Reminders, meetings
    • Emails
    • Alert Calendar
    • Facebook Posts
    • Twitter
    • Weather alerts
    • Quiet vibration and timer
    • Notifications from any application


    Along with the watch comes a charging base (wireless charging, by the way). The base can be used, besides its direct purpose, as an alarm clock.

    Price and order

    The first deliveries of watches will be carried out in 2015, now there is still a fundraising for launching watches in mass production. The manufacturer’s pre-order can be made at a price of $ 100, while the retail price is $ 160. You can leave a request for notification of the appearance of goods in Russia at Medgadgets .

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