How I became a felon

After reading several articles in which the Khabravchians shared their experiences with our valiant cops, I decided to tell my story. Perhaps it will be useful to someone.

Small introduction

About 6-7 years ago, when in our city with a millionaire, you could only go to the Internet via dial-up, the author just purchased a modem for this purpose, and the Internet cost "unrealistic money", at least for a school student.

Once, in a conversation with an online friend, after complaining about a lack of money in his account, he received three lines in private - a phone, password and login. The comrade commented on this gesture with the phrase - "this is a free Internet, hold it, don’t tell anyone."

Of course, I was in no hurry to pass it on to anyone, and I was in no hurry to use it either. But in the end, I still took advantage of the “gift of fate” several times. For example, when I bought cards to download something voluminous, a megabyte of commercials of 50, or even all 100, and the time on the cards ran out at the wrong time. Or just check your mail. Common sense told me - "Do not use this account." But for some reason, I did not listen to him, the only thing we agreed with was that when using it, you should not become too impudent.
A couple of months passed, and the account stopped working. And then I safely forgot about her for the first time.

Secret becomes apparent

After half a year, broke the silence in the apartment call, the caller introduced himself - ...
his call, he has not said, and only asked - "Do you know why I'm calling?". To which I for some reason answered - “yes, I know”, although this was not true, I could not imagine what my person was interested in “organs”. After a short telephone conversation, I was scheduled to meet at the ward.

In the department, I became aware that the “gift of fate” belonged to a large oil refinery. And that I "specifically hit." And now, firstly, I’ll have to compensate for the damage, as much as 280 rubles (I wrote that I practically didn’t use this account), and secondly, to write an explanatory and sincerely repent that I was such a bad person, KNOW whose account it was, KNEW that with my actions I cause damage, but I repent and ask me to amnesty (while amnesty of minors was in progress). On the second point, of course, I was indignant, since I did not know whose account it was, and I will not write SUCH in my explanatory. To which he received the answer - "look yourself, as if it didn’t work out worse."

As a result, my explanatory account looked approximately like this - “I got an account from someone who didn’t know which way she took possession of, I don’t know, but I repent of what I did.” And of course, I did not give consent to the amnesty, I refused to sign the papers. After which I compensated for the damage caused to the plant. By the way, making money to the cashier at the plant, I found out that there are several dozen people like me, and that my 300 rubles is zilch. The first line of the list was occupied by a person who "sat" on the modem for 30 thousand rubles. After which I took a photocopy of the payment receipt to our “internal organs”, a piece of paper was filed into a thick folder and I was released on all 4 sides. And after that I forgot about this whole story for the second time, now for 6 years now. For which I managed to work in many IT and around IT companies, in various frivolous positions, combining this with study.


And here is the most interesting part of the story. In the summer of 2011, when the dissertation was almost ready, I started looking for a permanent job in advance (help desk, system administrator or service engineer). At first everything went quite well, I often went for interviews, sometimes the companies themselves invited me. But in the second month of such wanderings, it began to bother me that even though I go through all the stages of the interviews, the last final stage (communication with the general director, paperwork) is constantly breaking down. The situation became clear only after I went to get a job on the recommendation of a friend, I again passed the interview, quite successfully. But after a couple of hours this same comrade called me and asked, “Why didn’t I warn him that I appear in the base as an amnestied person?” The comrade was very surprised by this fact, but I myself was simply shocked. How can this be? Really condemned me and amnestied without my knowledge, is that a joke ?!

A week later, having gathered my thoughts, I decided to write a letter addressed to the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, yes, you heard right, and complain that my constitutional rights have been violated. A copy of this letter was sent to the prosecutor's office, which they (for some reason) sent again to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Soon, I received a response. The following content.

A copy of the answer from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (I apologize for the quality)

That is, there was no trial, but there is a record in the database about me for the simple reason that, based on an amnesty, criminal proceedings were refused. Although I did not give written consent to this. And the articles themselves imply somewhat different than access to the Internet under someone else's account. And finally, they didn’t even bother to notify me about all this!

By the way, with this answer I also went for an interview a couple of times, but the presence of this piece of paper had a rather negative effect.

Porakinin again, the decision was made - to try to appeal this decision in the district prosecutor's office of the city. It is said - done, a complaint was made, a copy of the response from the Ministry of Internal Affairs was attached to it. After that, the reception was attended by the prosecutor, his words that he agreed that the acts were incorrectly classified, that most likely at my expense someone drew up a stick in the plan.

After a long wait, I finally got an answer (the case file has not yet been destroyed, although the shelf life is 6 years), the decision was annulled, and an audit was appointed based on the results. Information from the MVD database will be deleted.

A copy of the answer from the Prosecutor's Office page number 1 (I apologize for the quality)

A copy of the answer from the Prosecutor's Office page No. 2 (I apologize for the quality)

After that, a couple of times the policemen came to me, apologized and offered to sign in the papers, which now appear - "Refuse to initiate proceedings, for lack of evidence of a crime."

I don’t think that they came home to me because with the renaming to the police something changed, most likely they were given a banal cap. And the stick system is still alive ... (This is my personal opinion, based on my own experience ).

Be careful friends, free cheese - only in a mousetrap. Well, if the organs on you are still aroused, keep this matter under control, do not relax and take an interest in the course of affairs - keep your hand on the pulse. And if you think that your rights are being violated, do not be afraid to appeal the decision. And here I would like to forget about this whole story for the last time.

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