Review-epitaph Samsung Gear Live

    Disclaimer : the post can be seen as a cry of the soul about the quality of devices from Samsung.

    I think that many have heard that on Google IO this year they gave us a cardboard and gear live .
    To my shame, I could not feel the joy of either of the other because my phone (also by the way from Samsung) is already a year and a half and it is stuck on the old version of Android.

    It doesn’t matter, the cardboard is sent to the suitcase before returning to Moscow for tests with the phone of my more perspicacious colleague who chose the device from the Nexus line.

    What to do with the watch? As it turned out, without a phone on Android 4.3 it can’t work at all. You won’t even look at them. On Google IO, there were enough of the same poor fellows as I with an irrelevant version of Android. With the help of a kind uncle from Google, my friend and I managed to activate Retail Mode on the watch. This is such a demo mode (as the name implies especially for stores) in which you can twist hard-skinned cards, check that the time in London is always 10:00 and check that the device responds to voice commands.

    I checked that the watch was working, put it in my suitcase and went to afterparty after the conference in SAP. Unfortunately, after returning to Moscow while trying to show the first device on Android Wear, I realized that I have a corpse of watches in my box. Neither the change of the charger nor the shamanic dances around helped. It is not known when the watch will go on sale in Russia, in addition, according to the guys from Google, the warranty applies only to the US.

    Frankly, this is not my first experience from communicating with “smart watches” made by Samsung, the previous experience was also not very good. But then the problem was that their own ecosystem for developers was damp. Here the problem is with the quality of the device itself.

    The moral of this post for me personally is that you had to take a watch from LG, it is unclear what I was hoping for after I once bathed in frustration after using Gear 2. I

    thank the minus for the opportunity to check the functionality of the karma reset.

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