Transparent opengl


    Bon Jorno, seniors!
    I re-released the ancient game Dice 5 , with which I actually started life in the unusual world of iOS development.
    I want to share useful for many modes of imposing three-dimensional objects on standard beautiful iOS controls and fonts.

    As a dessert, I'll talk about the process of approving a game in an apple store and peeping at Apple Review Team employees. Suddenly, who will come in handy?
    There will be many foreign words in the article , because I’m just rushing to use them after the ban from our State Duma.

    Code example

    You need to create a transparent layer of three-dimensional graphics and apply it to the classic UIView.
    In the UIViewControllere of your choice, paste the code into the body of the viewDidLoad function

    #import "PlayViewController.h"
    @interface PlayViewController ()
        GLKView *glkView;
        EAGLContext *context;
    - (void)viewDidLoad
        [super viewDidLoad];  // это так надо всегда
    // инициируем две переменные, которые подарят нам OpenGL ES1 а можно ES2
        context = [[EAGLContext alloc] initWithAPI:kEAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLES1];
        if (!context) {
            NSLog(@"Unable to create OpenGL context");
        [EAGLContext setCurrentContext:context];
        glkView = [[GLKView alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.frame ];
        glkView.context = context;
    // делаем вот такую штуку для прозрачности
        CAEAGLLayer *v = (CAEAGLLayer *)glkView.layer;
        v.opaque = NO;
        v.drawableProperties = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
                                        kEAGLColorFormatRGBA8, kEAGLDrawablePropertyColorFormat, nil];
    //  добавляем к нашему UIView опенжлный glkView
        [self.view addSubview:glkView];
    // делаем , чтобы он пропускал нажатия   
        glkView.userInteractionEnabled = NO;

    After that, in a loop, you draw your three-dimensional little things, and they roll over the buttons and labels. Every time before displaying objects do not forget to clear the screen.

        glViewport(0, 0, Width, Height);
        glClearColor(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); // таким образом мы не затираем все то, что находится под графическим слоем

    Simple but important procedure.

    Everything works according to the documentation of iOS and OpenGL ES until you start using the internal buffer for anti-aliasing .
    Transparent shadows will become unnecessary color, which is a mistake. Perhaps in iOS 8 this will be fixed.


    As the Bolsheviks said, summer is a dead season for games. Apple employees approved the program in 2 days. Judge for yourself, on Thursday I posted the application for verification, okey came on Saturday . At the same time, the Apple Review Team honestly launched a game on its five devices on Friday night. If they test us, why not test them?

    Here's a list of Apple devices

    Take a closer look, Review Team has launched the Dice 5 app on two iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S.
    Judging by the launch time, this happens automatically at Apple, and in the morning employees receive a notification about new applications for verification.

    Here is the table of record holders for today - among them there are only 2 hawkers.

    Thank you all and have a nice weekend.

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