Audio Nerds: Scrobbling ( Music Played in SoundCloud from the Google Chrome Extension

    Recently, the usual format for listening to music on the desktop has transformed for me. Now I’m less and less listening to MP3s from foobar2000 , and more often SoundCloud ’s tape . At the same time, the favorite personal charts and recommendations from for so long have become less and less relevant in this regard. So I came up with the idea to make a SoundCloud scrobbler for Google Chrome ... At the moment, the functionality is the simplest: automatic scrobbling of all the music being played. For the future, I envisage the development of expansion with such things as:

    • The ability to edit the musician and the name of the track before the scrobblinogue (possibly even with synchronization of changes between user accounts)
    • Timeout control between the beginning of track playback and scrobbling
    • Blacklist: disable scrobbling for specific accounts in the stream

    I will be glad to hear your comments, feature requests, and indeed any participation both here and on GitHub .

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