Google enters the smart home market by opening the Nest Thermostat API

    It looks like the next big thing this year is smart homes. Google has announced an API that allows manufacturers of any home appliance and not only to develop products compatible with Nest products. This announcement was expected from the very moment of Google’s purchase of the thermostat with Internet access by Nest for $ 3.2 billion in January.

    Illustration of Tekkrancha

    According to the company, more than five thousand developers have already expressed interest in developing applications for Nest. Nest will also work directly with vendors like Whirlpool home appliance manufacturer or Chamberlain automatic garage door. A Nest on Friday announced plans to acquire the manufacturer of home video Dropcam, writesReuters And Wired is pleased that if you have a Mercedes besides the Nest thermostat, it will adjust the temperature when you leave home. At the same time, of course, Nest’s new capabilities will not be limited only to temperature control - it can connect all wi-fi compatible devices in the house.

    API Nest is the third big statement in the topic of smart homes from the giants of the IT market Google. Apple recently released the HomeKit framework for developing home appliance management applications with Apple devices, and even earlier plans were announced to develop Tizen as a universal OS for smart homes that will run on home appliances of their own production.

    By the way, I once read a short story about the future, in which Google was just built into the homes of the inhabitants of the planet, accompanying everywhere, starting with a greeting in the morning. No one will remember the name? It seems to be a horror movie.

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