PodStuff # 40

    Meet the 40th edition of our podcast , sponsored by the Habrahabr community!
    • "Britannica" will turn into an authoritative "Wikipedia";
    • Euro 2008 coverage: Yandex versus Google services;
    • Google Docs learned to work with PDF;
    • New Opera and new Firefox;
    • Yandex has released traffic jams for the desktop;
    • YouTube will increase the duration of videos;
    • MySpace updated the design;
    • Mikons : we draw logos and pictures online;
    • Classmate Day will be held in August;
    • I am a pilgrim : a pilgrim pilgrim;
    • Dubbee : listen to news and articles, not read them;
    • Kryuchkov spoke about the Dribbler ;
    • World info - equality - a social network for children;
    • Got spam-param-pam-pam ?

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