Alan Turing, Vint Cerf and Joss Whedon

    What do Alan Turing, Wint Cerf, Joss Whedon, Anna Akhmatova have in common, as well as the Olympic Games, typewriter and gymnastic hoop?

    June 23, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of Joss Whedon, 71 years old to Winton Surf and 102 years since the birth of Alan Turing.

    It is entirely possible that June 23 will someday be a day of cryptanalysis or a day of artificial intelligence

    Alan Turing
    The absence of laws of behavior that together would determine our life cannot be seen as easily as the absence of a complete list of rules of action. The only way we can find such laws is a scientific explanation, and of course we can never ... say: “We have already researched enough. There are no laws that fully define our life and behavior. ”

    Digital Archive This website contains nearly 3,000 images of letters, photographs, newspaper articles, and unpublished papers by or about Alan Turing. Can a machine think? (Translation of a Turing article) Sleep well, Alan! Turing test and empty sensations (2014, an interesting article in Computerra) Alan Turing and the Thinking Machine (MIT Lecture)

    LEGO Turing Machine

    Enigma Hacking Machine - Bombie (named after dessert)
    After the war, Churchill, for reasons of secrecy, ordered the destruction of all material traces of the Ultra program, including the Bombe machine.
    More than 60 years later, British history buffs rebuilt one Turing Bombe machine, despite having detailed drawings and explanations (a complete set was assembled for 2 years), they spent 10 years on it.
    The name of the Bombe device is sometimes mistakenly translated into Russian as "bomb." Meanwhile, the bomb in English is bomb. The name Bombe, according to one version, is derived from the name of the dessert from the Bombe glacée ice cream, in the form of a bowl or cylinder.

    In November 2014, the film “The Imitation Game” was

    In 1952, Turing published a work entitled The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis, where the process of self-organization of matter was mathematically described for the first time.

    Vinton Surf , Matrix architect TCP / IP developer
    Awarded the 2004 Turing Prize by

    Joss Whedon. Biography
    螢火蟲 (Firefly): You can't take the sky from me (article on Habr)

    Anna Akhmatova
    image Everything in Moscow is saturated with poems,
    Rhymes pierced through and through.
    May silence reign above us,
    May we rhyme apart,
    May silence be a secret sign of
    those who are with you, but seem to be me,
    you will unite in a secret marriage
    With virgin bitter silence,
    That in the darkness grinds underground granite
    And the magical closes the circle,
    And in the night above the ear death prophesies,
    Drowning out the loudest sound.
    1963, Moscow

    International Olympic Day
    The important thing in Life is not triumph, but the struggle; the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. To spread these principles is to build up a strong and more valiant and, above all, more scrupulous and more generous humanity.

    Of 30 volumes and 1,200 articles by Pierre de Coubertin, 170 pages were translated into Russian.

    oh yes, even on that day they patented a typewriter and gymnastic hoop.

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