Google I / O 2014. Day One

    A true fan of the Android operating system knows what June of this year is really significant. Yes, today, June 25, a conference for I / O developers has started, organized by Google every year.

    Google I / O, I recall, has been held since 2008. By tradition, it runs for two to three days at the Moscow Center Exhibition Center in San Francisco. It discusses the technical features of creating applications for Android, new features of the browser and Chrome OS, Google API, WebToolkit, App Engine, open web technologies and much more. Like the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which Apple holds in June, I / O serves as a platform for the announcement of new products and applications that we will learn about now.

    Android L

    Google decided to change the design of applications and make life easier for developers. Learn more at

    Changed animations, fonts, shadows, added 3D effects and much more.

    As well as other native applications. The design has become flatter, more like the LG G3 UI.

    We changed the interface as a whole, the bottom buttons, the status bar, multitasking, the notification system.

    The new keyboard.

    Android finally abandons Dalvik in favor of ART. No one else to choose.

    An example of a difference in performance.

    Support for 64-bit CPUs in ART.

    The Android Extension Pack should narrow the gap between mobile and desktop graphics.

    Introduced a new project to improve battery life.

    Battery Saver allows you to lower the processor clock speed and regulate other processes.

    Tomorrow will be available SDK and images of Android L systems for Nexus devices


    Innovation with every new version.

    The latest version of Play Services is a good indicator, but it would be better if the latest version of Android had it.

    In terms of security, there have been improvements. For example, in the case of theft, the smartphone can reset all personal information so that it does not fall into the hands of a stranger.

    Google wants users to have the same experience across all devices.

    Google Play services is a panacea against fragmentation. Security updates will occur through them.

    Android Wear

    3 months ago, Google released Android Wear and provided SDKs to developers. Both round (Moto 360) and square screens (LG G Watch) are supported. There is a built-in pedometer and heart rate sensor.

    In general, people check the smartphone 125 times a day. And so, Android Wear with cards was released.

    Using swipe, you can close applications and switch between them.

    Sync with a smartphone. You can add a note, read the notification.

    You can listen to music, answer a call, SMS, etc. There is a “do not disturb” mode with a simple movement.

    Of course, you can manage notifications.

    The SDK gives you access to many Android Wear features that allow you to replace your smartphone.

    Moto 360.

    You can choose a recipe and send it to your watch. All devices on Android Wear are waterproof, which will not create problems in the kitchen. There is a timer on the watch so as not to overcook the steak.

    Samsung Gear Live.

    LG G Watch.

    The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will be available today on the Google Play Store. Moto 360 will be available later, but in the summer.

    Android Auto

    Introduced Android Auto along with the Android Auto SDK. Adapted interface for drivers. In the US, people spend at least an hour a day in cars.

    Navigation, music, and calls.

    The system is voice controlled and understands all the wishes of the driver. You can listen to and reply to incoming messages.

    The smartphone connects to the car and all information is displayed on the dashboard. On the overview screen, the necessary information.

    Learn more about the Android Auto SDK.

    Manufacturers Alliance.

    Developers are also encouraged to create applications for Android Auto. Today they have access to the Android Auto SDK. More than 25 car manufacturers have confirmed their desire to work with Android Auto, the first cars will appear before the end of this year

    Android TV

    Google sees great potential in the direction of the OS for TV. (This is the third attempt, by the way ...) Currently, TV manufacturers use different systems for their Smart TV, which impedes the development of the market.

    New UI for TVs. The TV itself is looking for the right movie, shows actors, recommendations and a description.

    The smartphone can be used as a remote control. You can manage for hours.

    You can display an image, for example, the current game. All games from the Play Store appear on your TV - the graphics depend on the toys.

    Android TV partners.

    Chromecast supported.

    Users responded well to this device. The device is already sold in 18 countries and has become a hit.

    Applications that support streaming. List:

    SDK is available, you can develop applications. Using Chromecast, a TV can display splash screens from any mobile device (including iPhone).

    You can fully display the image of the smartphone on the TV.

    Supported smartphones.


    The top 10 most popular laptops on Amazon are Chromebooks.

    Those who use the Chromebook usually carry a smartphone with them.

    Therefore, they made the integration. For example, by unlocking the phone, the Chromebook also unlocks. All messages from the smartphone are displayed on the Chromebook.

    You can view the screen of your smartphone.

    Android apps can now be used on Chromebooks.

    Android and work

    Google made a corporate mode.

    Pichai thanks Samsung for their work in promoting Android and introducing Knox.

    190 million active users of Google Drive. Corporate version of Drive for Work, unlimited storage for $ 10 per user per month, tools to protect traffic.

    Google cloud platform

    The Google Cloud Platform includes computers, storage, and software services.

    You can not only store information, but also analyze it.

    Google helps its resources to large companies and services. Databases are easy to handle.

    When searching for bugs, you can use Google resources.

    The new analytical system allows you to work with huge amounts of data - Cloud Dataflow.

    Google fit

    Google Fit Platform is a fitness platform. The user will be helped to better monitor their health status without additional third-party applications.

    As a result, a lot of new things for different devices!

    And a video showing the work of new products.

    This is all cool, of course, but most of all I liked the performance of the protester, who accused Google of producing robots that kill people!

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    • 68.7% Android L 1420
    • 25% Android Wear 517
    • 19.3% Android Auto 400
    • 21.2% Android TV 438
    • 12.3% Chromebook 254
    • 7.5% Android for Work 155
    • 8% Google Cloud Platform 166
    • 32.5% Moto 360 672
    • 4.5% LG G Watch 94
    • 2.5% Samsung Gear Live 52
    • 6.4% Cloud Dataflow 133
    • 40.6% of Google makes Terminators 838

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