Gadgets you wanted to take on vacation

    June is drawing to a close, which means that summer-vacation-vacation is in full swing, no matter what the thermometer shows. For this reason, we have already published a selection of mobile applications that can be useful to travelers and just vacationers in nature. But applications are applications, and in the world there are many interesting gadgets besides smartphones and tablets that can decorate a good rest. See our selection of gadgets for your vacation and outdoor activities.

    We will not touch smartphones and tablets. If you read this text, then you already belong to the layer of modern, educated people who keep up with the times. So you have both a smartphone and a tablet, and certainly not one at a time. We are sure that you will not forget to take them with you without our advice, otherwise why should you run applications fromthe above selection ? Talk to other gadgets.

    Action camera

    Recently, action cameras have become very popular. These are very small compact video cameras that are mounted on clothes or special mounts and automatically remove everything that happens. This is useful if you are fond of active sports or extreme entertainment. Another possible application is as a kind of DVR, if you do not want or cannot for some reason hold the camera in your hands.

    To maximize the coverage of space in such cameras use wide-angle lenses, so nearby objects are greatly distorted. There are quite a few different accessories for such cameras: helmet mounts, extension handles for taking selfies, underwater and protective boxes, etc.

    The choice of models has not gone beyond all reasonable limits, but it can not be called small either. The best samples shoot video with a resolution of FullHD and a frequency of 30 frames / sec. When choosing, we also recommend that you pay attention to:
    • protection against moisture and dust;
    • mounting method;
    • duration of work;
    • weight;
    • the presence of wireless broadcasting on mobile devices;
    • optional accessories offered.

    Price range: 3000-17000 rub.

    Portable speaker

    These gadgets are gaining in popularity. The times of the hefty boombox recorders worn by black guys on the shoulder were music lovers in nature long ago. To provide a small company with music away from computers and music centers, today a good enough portable speaker and a selection of your favorite music on a smartphone or tablet is enough.

    Some speakers compensate for their small size with a built-in vibro speaker to provide bass. It is enough to place the gadget on the table or stick it on the door, and these surfaces will serve as a kind of sound amplifier. Larger portable speakers cost on their own, decently reproducing low frequencies.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • breadth of the reproduced range;
    • weight;
    • the size;
    • battery life;
    • dust and moisture protection.

    Price range: 200-12000 rub.

    Mobile router

    If you are not spending your holidays in full isolation from civilization, have access to a cellular network and need Internet, then a mobile router may come in handy. A compact device that uses a SIM card and distributes traffic over Wi-Fi. The benefit here is in saving the charge of smartphones and tablets, as well as in the possibility of simultaneously connecting several devices to the Internet via one SIM card. In addition, in the area of ​​unstable reception, you will not need to catch a stronger signal with a smartphone, just put or hang a router here, and you’ll be comfortable nearby. But do not forget, roaming does not doze off.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • battery life;
    • the ability to use 4G networks.

    Price range: 800-6000 rubles.

    Portable battery

    Folk wisdom says the farther into the forest, the meaner the woodpeckers. Nowadays, a long separation from populated areas threatens not only a meeting with the inhospitable fauna, but the complete depletion of the batteries of all gadgets. With all the consequences. Well, if you simply lose music or books. And if you relied on navigation using a smartphone / tablet, and suddenly remained in the middle of an unknown area with a "dead" device?

    A large-capacity portable battery can help save the situation, with which it is easy to recharge other gadgets. The main thing is not to forget to charge the portable battery itself before traveling / camping. There are many offers on the market of such devices of various form factors, from wristbands to cylinders and boxes of any sizes and colors.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • the presence of a solar battery for recharging;
    • Battery capacity;
    • size and weight;
    • number and types of connectors;
    • resistance to shock and moisture;
    • the presence of an indicator of the current charge level;

    Price range: 400-6000 rubles.

    Passive chargers

    This term refers to gadgets that convert thermal or kinetic energy into electrical energy. If your portable battery is dead and you don’t have a solar panel or the sky is cloudy, a solution for real survivors can help. For example, you can use a portable dynamo:

    Or a thermoelectric charger. In order not to waste gas cylinders on a campaign just boiling water, you can recharge the navigator or reader.

    Universal cigarette lighter charger

    A very useful gadget for all lovers of traveling by car. It is an adapter from the standard cigarette lighter socket with a bunch of all kinds of plugs.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • number and composition of plugs included in the kit;
    • the presence of USB ports.

    Price range: 50-2000 rub.


    Perhaps someone will consider this not a gadget, but a toy. But if you decide to install an action camera on the quadrocopter and start shooting a strong sparrow from a height of flight, then this is quite a tool and a real gadget.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • carrying capacity;
    • battery life;
    • range of the control panel;
    • propeller security.

    Price range: 1500-60000 rubles.

    External optics for smartphones

    If for some reason you do not want to use a separate camera and prefer to shoot on a smartphone, thanks to external optics you can significantly improve the quality of photos. Of course, this is not so compact and efficient, but still photographs are our memories. And it is better to make memories sharp, with good color reproduction and with minimal noise.

    What to hide, almost all lenses for smartphones do specifically for iPhones. But we believe that it will be fair to talk only about universal gadgets. Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a lens for any smartphone. So, in fact, we are talking about a special external compact camera that transfers pictures to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

    Price range: 6000-17000 rub.

    Active Noise Canceling Headphones

    A great gadget not only for holidays, but also for everyday use in public transport. When you turn on the external noise reduction system, you practically stop hearing the sounds of the world in these headphones. This does not mean that you find yourself in complete silence, but listening to music becomes much more comfortable.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • headphone form factor;
    • convenience of controls;
    • the need to use additional power sources for the operation of the noise reduction system;
    • range of reproduced frequencies.

    Price range: 2000-19000 rubles.

    Portable coffee machine

    A gourmet gadget who can't live a day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And what should such people do when within a radius of 200 km there is nothing but instant horror advertised under the guise of “real Brazilian coffee”?

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • the need for a power source;
    • the presence and capacity of the water tank.

    Price range: 3000-8000 rubles.

    UV sterilizer

    If you are going on a trip to the southern latitudes, or as tourists to third world countries, we recommend that you purchase an ultraviolet water sterilizer. For billions of people, we, the inhabitants of Russia, are northerners spoiled by an abundance of clean water. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the regions that are not so successful from this point of view, prepared. It is best to drink only factory-packaged water that was not opened without your knowledge. If you do not have access to such water, then the sterilizer will be very useful.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • power;
    • the ability to work on battery power.

    Price range: 4000—10000 rub.

    Pocket printer

    In this age of electronic photographs, books, newspapers and music, analogue storage media is already becoming, if not exotic, then outlandish. And it’s good that there are still quite a few people who value not the picture on the screen, which will disappear with the discharged battery, but the print. For example, photographs. And if you really want to quickly print your pictures, share them with your friends, then take a look at pocket printers.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • availability of supplies;
    • print format;
    • the ability to wirelessly transfer files.

    Price range: 4000-8000 rub.

    Pocket projector

    If you do not bring a tablet or laptop with you, and you want to watch a movie, then instead of looking at the screen of your smartphone, you can use a pocket projector. At the same time, your companions will not be deprived of entertainment. And in the evenings you can review photos taken during the day through this projector. The main thing is to find a piece of a vertical light even surface.

    When choosing, pay attention to:
    • image resolution;
    • wireless connectivity;
    • battery life;
    • maximum brightness.

    Price range: 5000—25000 rub.

    This, in our opinion, is a list of interesting gadgets for every vacationer. Of course, if you want, you can load a lot more than that, but it already depends on the taste and individual needs. And which of the gadgets would you still suggest taking with you? Laptops / smartphones / tablets do not offer.

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