Ubisoft removes female characters from two games

    In a joint game mode for 2-4 people Assassin's Creed Unity (for the new generation of game consoles) will not have female characters . Ubisoft explained that it initially planned to create them, but the development was stopped due to lack of money. Alex Amancio, creative director of the Unity project, explains that the presence of female killers doubles the cost of developing almost everything: animation, voice acting, visual objects - especially because you can customize the appearance of characters in Assassin's Creed.

    Female characters were present in all previous parts of Assassin's Creed, both in the role of killers and in other roles. The new Ubisoft solution has excited the gaming community .

    Moreover, other game developers are amazed at Amancio's logic. For example, a former director of animation at Ubisoft tweeted that they only work here for one to two days .

    Even stranger, the company decided to remove female characters from the joint mode of another game - Far Cry 4.

    Why Ubisoft does this is completely incomprehensible, unless you believe in a strange excuse about saving budget.

    And here is why people are indignant - it is quite possible to understand. Here the issue of equality, and indeed, many men like to play specifically for female characters. For example, a study by American sociologists in World of Warcraft showed that the behavior of men with female avatars is very differentfrom the behavior of women with female avatars. Firstly, men choose more attractive female avatars than women themselves.

    Examples of attractive and unattractive male / female avatars from WoW, identified by the authors of the scientific work on the basis of traditional ideas of Western culture about the hairstyle, face and figure of men / women

    . Secondly, a clear difference was found in movement around the area. For some reason, men with female avatars “move back more often” and are more prone to physically distance themselves from the rest of the group of players. They are also much more likely than women to jump around (116 times more often) and use more emoticons.

    Why men choose pretty female avatars is generally very simple. When you spend many hours playing the game, whose forms are more pleasant to watch? Not surprisingly, Ubisoft players are outraged by the company's policies.

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