FAB PICNIC at the Polytechnic

This weekend (June 7-8) in St. Petersburg, an open-air festival of scientific and technical creativity is held under the name FAB PICNIC . On the official VKontakte page , it is announced that exhibitions of technical and design projects, 3D printers, robots, quadrocopters, board games, as well as a hackathon and lecture halls with real scientists are expected.

For some reason, this news passed by Habr. On the first day of the festival, I got by accident: the night before I was strolling near the Polytechnic University and saw unfolding objects. I decided to go and, as it turned out, not in vain.

I’ll describe a few details under the cut, share photos and received promotional codes.

The start was scheduled for 12:00, but already at 11:30 most of the stands were expanded, 3D-printers printed something green, and robots cheerfully traveled around the tables. Entrance is absolutely free for everyone.



The first stand I reached was lined with robots with the inscription TRIK .

Project engineers developed the controller of the same name . The controller can analyze data from connected external sensors, including the ability to monitor an object through an external camera (on one of the robots there was a shield of the camera from the arduino).

The controller is programmed through its IDE TRIK Studio . In the kit you can purchase a designer with all the necessary harnesses.
Anyone could steer a caterpillar all-terrain vehicle using a tablet. 15% discount on promotional code # FP2014


The project has roughly the same goals as the previous one: an amusing robot platform for schoolchildren / students.

Arduino-based constructor with a box-set of various sensors and a visual IDE.


There were a lot of prototypes at the exhibition, for example:


All-terrain vehicles

Tracking camera

“Sound-controlled robots”
There was such a model (I didn’t communicate with the author, unfortunately), even the animation wasn’t too lazy to cut:

3D printers

Printers were plentiful and print without stopping. Here are a couple of them:

3DMarket ZOOM

The guys showed off their printer called 3DMarket ZOOM, which can be used via the web interface on their website . Authors already wrote about him on a hub

A pre-order with a declared value of 39900 rubles is about to open. Judging by the scheme, you can buy a printer, register on the site and receive paid print orders. The view of the printer is very civil, that's what it gives out:

MakerBot Replicator2 and Picasso

On display in the morning.

A lot of printed samples were presented at the stand:


On its territory, YOTA laid a lawn, organized wifi, a free photo booth, bin-bags and charging for any phones.


Microsoft has put up a showcase with Nokia innovations. Most of all, I was interested in the Lumia 1020 camera phone , but then an incident happened and for some reason the camera stopped turning on: it flies when called from anywhere. When I went in a couple of hours - everything turned on (apparently the device was rebooted).

There was a lot of freebies in the tent: drinks, sandwiches, pies, and fruits. The people flew very quickly.



A pleasant surprise was the stand with folding bicycles, for a long time I wanted to see them live. For rental, there were two models to choose from: Strida LT and Strida SX. A ride with pleasure.

The great ones turned out to be strong and transported everyone in a row, even attack aircraft from GeekPicnic.

Geek picnic

Quadrocopters flew around the perimeter, and attack aircraft strolled around the stage and sometimes handed out the GEEK-ADMISSION promotional code with a 30% discount on geek-picnic , which will be held on August 9-10 on Elagin Island.

By the power of thought

There was one interesting stand where it was proposed to pour water from a samovar using the power of thought. Something like a ganitu was put on the subject’s head. Using the same device, it was possible to control such machines:


Redbul put the X-BOX 360 with Mortal Kombat and a whole barrel full of cans of his drink for free use - take as much as you want. And they took it. Thank RedBull


GaGa provided board games for every taste: table hockey, jenga, uno and many more, whose names I do not even know.


If you post a photo on Instagram with the tag #fabpicnic, then it will come out of this printer itself:

There were still guys who suggested playing dominoes with a computer:

and even pass tests of cognitive psychology I

almost forgot about quadrocopters! Here they are:

So the first day passed. Let's see what happens tomorrow, maybe the post will be supplemented.
More colorful photos can be seen here .

upd: On the second day, several new stands appeared and a dome with a spherical movie was launched. Unfortunately, I did not capture anything on the camera. We will wait for a repeat next year.
upd 2: The organizers confirmed that this event will be held annually.

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