Test drive VW e-Golf, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3

    This September, Drive Electric organized events in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand to promote electric cars.

    In my city, the event was called Drive Electric Victoria and took place on the territory of the University of Victoria and next to it.

    But all this I learned later. In fact, I came to the “festival” by accident - I just drove past the university with my friends and I noticed signs along the road that depicted a green car and a green socket. Having added two plus two, I told my friends that I would catch up with them later and went after the flags.

    The event was a couple of tents where you could register for a test drive and have a bite. In addition, several dozens of electric vehicles stood at the University parking lot number 10, their owners and those who wish to ride. Of course, all this was free.

    I have traveled to some of the EV and even wrote an article about one of these trips on the X Model the Tesla . This time I chose the Volkswagen e-Golf , the new generation Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3 for the test .

    I will briefly talk about what the manufacturer writes about the car (US data), what the owner says about him and his personal feelings and subjective assessments.

    Volkswagen e-Golf

    Manufacturer data

    Price from $ 30.495
    cruising range of 201 km

    Owner's Story

    The owner is an elderly man.
    This is the second car in the family - for trips around the city. It does not need maintenance and does not break down - the car is reliable, since in fact it is simply an improved Golf, and this model has passed a very long test of time and has been constantly improved. In addition to it, the family still has an SUV hybrid (I did not remember the model) with a very low fuel consumption. Recovery greatly increases mileage, but the wife prefers to turn it off. The brake pedal can not be used. Mileage is comparable to Hyundai Ioniq.

    My comments

    Outwardly it looks like an ordinary car - it does not attract attention, but also does not repel. The salon is just great. Good materials, comfortable seats, logical and intuitive controls. In a word - a conservative German.

    With the "inclusion" there were some problems. Those. it was necessary to press the Start button, while the car "woke up", but for some reason did not always drive. It was necessary to press something else (brake pedal?). I did everything, it seemed to be the same as the owner said, but the car drove only on the third attempt - something was wrong either with the e-Golf logic or mine.

    Rides overall very well. It holds the road well and does not slip at a sharp acceleration, despite the wet asphalt. There is some power reserve. The noise of the motor is not audible and in general, we can say that the insulation is good. Smooth running. The sensations are very similar to the Hyundai Ioniq (once I did a test drive of it and was even going to buy it).

    Regeneration modes are very conveniently changed - by the lever of switching “speeds”. In the “D” position, you can swing it left or right and thus choose one of the three modes, or simply pull it even further back, which will automatically turn on the strongest mode - this works like a kind of brake.

    In addition, with the button you can choose one of three driving modes - from the most energy-efficient to “sports".

    Total A small, inexpensive, nice, comfortable car with a very modest mileage between charges.

    Nissal leaf

    Price from $ 29,990
    Power Reserve 243 km

    Owner's Story

    The owner is a middle-aged man.
    We wanted to buy a Kia Kona Electric or Tesla Model 3 with a standard battery, but did not wait and decided to buy this Nissan. Very convenient mode of "one pedal" - the brake pedal can not be used even on a large slope (the car does not roll downhill after stopping). My wife did not like the recovery mode at first, but then got used to it. This is an expensive equipment, which even has a driving assistant (active cruise control and hold in the lane). There is not only a rear view camera, but also a circular view. There is no need to charge it only up to 80-90% and not discharge it less than 10-20% (as the Tesla owner does), since this “buffer” is already laid by the manufacturer (that is, it cannot actually be charged 100% or discharge below a minimum).

    My comments

    If the previous generation Nissan Leaf is ridiculous, but at the same time original, then the body design is simply ridiculous. What could be worse? Worse could be his interior. He is a nightmare. Very bad stuff. Everywhere only the toughest and cheapest plastic. This is not visible in my photographs, and it even seems that it is the same as the e-Golf or even better (if you look at the steering wheel). But this is a mistake. It is much worse not only than the e-Golf, but also, perhaps, worse than any other car that I drove behind the wheel for the past 15 years.

    The controls are scattered around the cabin haphazardly - pay attention to the rear seat heating button located on the side of the passenger! The “puck” is a modeless lever, unnecessarily complicated, of course, very cheap and inconvenient. Parking mode, for some reason, is activated by a button from above on this "washer", and Drive mode by moving left and down. The dashboard is such that you do not want to look at it.

    It goes well. Relatively smooth ride. As well as e-Golf does not slip at the start. Accelerates sluggishly. The motor is not audible, but the insulation is poor. Plus, I'm sure that after a while the salon will start to creak and “groan”.

    Total A small, inexpensive car with low mileage and a very poor interior, which I do not want to return to. I have a suspicion that they intentionally made him so bad that they did not buy and did not have to satisfy the increased demand. I see no other reason why it is so bad both inside and out.

    Tesla model 3

    Starting at $ 49,000
    Power Reserve 500 km

    Owner's Story

    The owner is a girl.

    Fell in love with Tesla at first sight and for a long time begged her husband to buy. They are not rich at all, but really wanted to. “I fought with my husband for more than an hour,” convincing him. Just loves this car. Comes to these annual events to show it to everyone and relive this feeling when a person sees Model 3 for the first time. The brake pedal is almost never used. Charges approximately once a week. Their electricity bill increased by $ 15 per month, and earlier they spent a couple of hundred on fueling. Cars rarely change - they traveled 10 years in the past, they want to travel even more if this works out. It does not break. No maintenance needed. I asked about how the key works (Model 3 itself opens when you approach a car with Bluetooth on the phone). She has an iPhone, she never turns off the Tesla application and there are no problems, and Android’s husband has problems (turns off the application). She doesn’t use the automatic "rain sensor" (in fact, the camera is used there) - she does not like how it works. But he actively uses autopilot (they did not buy it, and now it works in familiarization mode). I asked not to use mechanical buttons when opening doors, since there are electric ones.

    My comments

    Outwardly beautiful. In general, I already wrote about him . Inside is even better. Excellent, premium materials are everywhere - very expensive and high-quality soft plastic (the only place where hard is the steering column), leather (more precisely leather - in fact, now many people use not real leather - they pity animals), veneer. The seats were not liked - there was no ventilation and the back was sweating again (as in Model X). Glass roof. Doors open by a button - this is very convenient, but all strangers need to be explained how to do it correctly.

    It goes perfectly. On the one hand it’s very “tenacious” on the road, on the other hand it’s going smoothly (I expected it to be much tougher). Lightning fast - even when driving about 40 km per hour after pressing the gas pedal, it instantly accelerates and presses strongly into the chair. Good noise isolation (approximately, like e-Golf). Very strong recovery. It is configured through the menu and has only a couple of positions, which is not convenient - it would not be bad to be able to configure it with a separate button. An almost imperceptible knock was heard from the front suspension when driving on bumps. It is not entirely clear - this is a native sound or a malfunction.

    Total Very beautiful, premium, extremely fast car with a very large power reserve.


    Subjectively, I would say that the e-Golf is a great city car. Leaf is as bad as Model 3.

    Tesla is good - out of competition and generally from some other league that is currently unattainable by either the Germans or the Japanese. When you go to Model 3 it seems that you somehow moved forward a couple of decades and are now where all the other automakers will not be soon.

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