New idea. Crazy mixture of Spider and 2048

    Do not rush.  Think about it.

    I bring to your attention a new solitaire.
    For programmers and mathematicians.
    I’ve been playing for the third week now, opening up more and more new combinations.

    For those who are too lazy to read - there is a link to a 30-second video game.

    Rules of the game

    Initially, there are 30 bricks on the board.

    Initial alignment

    Bricks can be moved from place to place, according to two conditions.
    1. Any brick can be put on the ground;
    2. Light brick can only be put on heavy;
    3. Two identical bricks, laid on top of each other, turn into one brick with doubled mass.

    All. There are no more rules.

    The task is to put together solitaire, which means leaving one, the largest, heaviest brick weighing 2048 kg on the board.

    Mission accomplished

    In the picture, solitaire is folded in 26 moves. And it was possible to assemble more rationally.

    For those who are too lazy to read - a 30-second video game:

    Extra buns

    If solitaire is not collected - it does not matter. Each layout has its own unique number from 1 to 1,000,000. Having chosen the layout by number, you can always play it again. You want - in a minute, you want - in a year. The uniqueness of the layout gives rise to correspondence competition between players. A more savvy person will collect solitaire better. In fewer moves. Of course, the results are collected on the server and a Yellow Brick Cup is organized every day.

    Two-color option

    Professionals who find the game too easy will switch to playing with the option of two colors of bricks. Here the layouts are just crazy! Try to collect solitaire number 49 in turn 31! Who can, then a surprise awaits.


    The game is free.
    Link to the game here .

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